Six reasons you need a grease trap

Six reasons you need a grease trap

Grease traps are an overlooked but essential element of any commercial kitchen. Here are six top reasons that you need a grease trap.

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The environment

Whether you care about creating an excellent looking environmental audit to show stakeholders or you genuinely want a better future for your descendants, we are all now far too aware of why the environment is a key concern. We have all seen pictures of fatbergs; the grease from cooking is a major cause of sewer flooding and pollution. A grease trap means grease and fats are diverted from the normal waste system, reducing the overall amount of grease build-up not just in your pipes, but the pipes we all share.

Legal requirements

Once upon a time, having a grease trap was your decision, but the authorities are becoming stricter and stricter about how companies get rid of waste. Restaurants and commercial kitchens are now legally obliged to install a grease trap, grease interceptor or other means of grease removal under BS EN 1825-2:2002.

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When the health and safety or food inspector comes to call, showing them evidence of a grease trap will go in your favour.

Money saving

Grease build-up can cause major blockages to your waterworks, which can be costly to fix. The price of a grease trap ranges from high-quality automatic traps and Stainless Steel Grease Traps to smaller options for small businesses, but they are always cheaper than the cost of multiple pipe fixes.

Make grease disposal easy

It’s important to dispose of grease and fats properly and a grease trap makes it much easier to collect your grease and fats in one place so they can be disposed of correctly. If you are not sure how to dispose of oil, grease and fat then contact your local authority waste disposable team.

Bad smells

A build-up of grease and fats in your pipes can cause bad smells to appear in your kitchen as food stuff clings to the fats and then decomposes. When the grease is separated and removed, this possibility is eliminated. To really ensure the bad smells don’t enter your main business area, keep your stainless steel grease traps regularly emptied, cleaned and maintained.

These six top reasons illustrate why grease traps are so beneficial to the good and conscientious working of a commercial kitchen.

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