Purple room color: combinations and furnishing tips

Purple room

Purple room color: combinations and furnishing tips

Colors are a fundamental component in interior design. Furnishing does not only mean choosing the most suitable furniture for the various rooms, but also the right colors and combinations. In this article we talk about the purple color: elegant, mysterious, enveloping, but not always easy to use. Find out with which colors to combine it and how it can be used in each area of ??the house.

The relationship between the color purple and the world of interior design has not always been roses and flowers. Until recently, people tended to avoid this color, using it to the maximum for accents and small details. Things changed drastically in 2021, when Ultra Violet became the Pantone color of the year: from then on, the use of purple for furniture was officially cleared.

But purple is not an easy color, and to avoid making a chromatic disaster it is good to respect some basic guidelines. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Purple color: meaning and nuances

Mystical, regal, seductive, eccentric. According to chromotherapy, the purple color stimulates creativity, has a calming effect, and is often used against neurosis and irritation.

It comes from the mixture of red and blue, and, depending on the respective doses, can manifest itself in a thousand different shades. From lighter shades such as lilac and lavender, perfect for giving a feminine and romantic touch to the room, to darker tones such as blackberry and blueberry.

Each shade will create a different effect. In general, the lighter and brighter tones make the room bigger and brighter, while the darker ones tend to make the rooms smaller, so better use them in moderation. For example, if you are thinking of using a deep purple for the walls, opt for just one wall or a portion of it, to prevent the room from being stuffy.

Our 4 favorite combinations

In general, by combining bold colors like purple with neutral tones like white or gray, you can’t go wrong. In this way there is no risk of exaggerating or burdening the environment, creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

For the most eccentric personalities, who like to dare even in furnishing, it is also possible to create more daring combinations, one above all: purple and yellow, the ideal mix to not go unnoticed. Here are our four favorite combinations and some style tips.

Purple and yellow

Yellow is the complementary color to purple and is perfect for creating a strong and vibrant color buy alprazolam combination. A light purple can be accentuated by a warm mustard yellow, which radiates softness and comfort. The combination of these two colors creates a harmonious contrast, conveying a sense of refined elegance.

Purple and pink

The ideal combination for hopeless romantics. The ideal environment for this couple is undoubtedly the bedroom; to avoid a too feminine result, you can play with decorative elements in shades of black or anthracite gray.

Purple and whitePurple room

The classic combination of the Provencal style. Combining these colors you immediately feel the scent of lavender and the warmth of the French summer: an elegant and versatile mix that can be used in any area of ??the house.

Purple and gray

The purple color goes very well with both light gray and anthracite gray. In both cases, this combination lends itself well to modern environments as an alternative to the minimalism of black and white.

How to decorate with purple color

After having seen the most popular combinations, here are some tips for using the purple color in different areas of the house. With the right precautions this color can be used in any room, from the bedroom to the kitchen: follow our suggestions and give your home a new look!

Purple color in the bedroomPurple room

The bedroom is the realm of rest, so since purple is a stimulating color, it’s best to proceed in moderation. In this room, lighter tones such as lilac are perfect for not weighing down the environment. But it’s also possible to use darker shades: choose some light furniture and complete the work with a purple bedspread, a soft wine-colored rug, and a velvet bedroom armchair.

Purple color in the living room

In the living area, you can play a little more. Paint an entire wall a deep purple and choose a large light gray corner sofa to place in front of it. The final touch: a mirror with a gold finish, decorative cushions, and coordinated decorations.

Too bold for your taste? No problem. You can always stay neutral by choosing purple only for complements and color accents!

Purple color in the kitchenPurple room

Furnishing the kitchen in purple does not necessarily mean choosing wall units in this color. You could easily opt for a white kitchen and use purple to paint a wall. Or, simply for table linen and crockery: the details can make the difference.

As for the materials, purple is a fairly versatile color: white wood, lacquered surfaces, aluminum, marble. It fits almost everything!