Modern bookcases: design trend and tips for the home

modern bookcase

Modern bookcases: design trend and tips for the home

Modern bookcases look good everywhere. But depending on where you set them up, you will soon realize that you can use the library differently. The classic location of modern bookcases is the living room …

If by definition a bookcase is a piece of furniture for storing books, today’s modern bookcases combine other functions. Sometimes they integrate storage compartments closed by doors or offer space to arrange the TV. And then, let’s face it, bookcases of different sizes, even the smallest ones, are always perfect for decorating bare walls and for personalizing a room with the addition of some framed photos, scented candles, or minimal cactus collections.

Where do you want to place the bookcase?modern bookcase

Modern bookcases look good everywhere. But depending on where you set them up, you will soon realize that you can use the library differently. The classic position of modern bookcases in the living room: it is the perfect area to create a reading corner. Or you can decide to integrate television and books in a single modern bookcase that furnishes the wall. When they are smaller in size, the floor bookcases are also perfect for completing a study area of ​​the living room in a functional way. But if you are looking for an idea to create a visual separation for the entrance which opens directly onto the living room, the bookcase is the piece of furniture for you. On balance, a modern bookcase is a useful as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. It to be used in a different way in the different rooms of the house.

Colors and decorations of modern bookcases

Once you have decided where to place the bookcase, you have to choose style and colors. Of course, it is a matter of personal taste, but let’s say that the furniture trend in the contemporary home is to focus on the clean lines and minimal geometries of wood. Modern bookcases are characterized by natural finishes of bleached wood or combine shelves and storage compartments in a refined alternation between natural wood and white lacquer. Modern bookcases with metal structural elements that evoke contemporary industrial suggestions are super coveted by fans of minimalist atmospheres. Instead, be careful to focus on bright colors. They are difficult to place in environments and risk creating visual clutter.

How to furnish a modern bookcasemodern bookcase

It must always be taken into account that not only do you furnish with the bookcase but that you must also furnish the bookcase. It’s not a play on words, it’s the truth. The worst mistake that can be made in filling a bookcase is to cram volumes at random or, worse, to put away souvenirs, photographs, vases, boxes, and everything that you do not know where to put without criteria or aesthetic sense. In this way, the only unsightly disorder is created. Each object or book must be placed with care, paying attention to the composition of colors and the right combination of shapes and heights. A modern neutral colored bookcase makes the operation easier and the result elegant.

Start with the books, they are the protagonists and the main decorative element of the bookcase, wherever you put it. Place your favorite volumes insight, arrange them by color and thickness. But don’t limit yourself to just one direction, alternate vertical and horizontal positions. Don’t overfill the shelves with decorative items, limit yourself to groups of three pieces of different heights. And, to make the bookcase even more beautiful, alternate the books with some plants. Especially if you have chosen to use a modern bookcase as a separating element. A few houseplants on the shelves amplify the elegance of your decorative solution.