Keeping in the heat in the home.

With the worrying news that  the UK home is some of the worst when it comes to energy efficiency you might be feeling the cold. The question remains how can we look to reserve this trend and make our homes better at retaining the heat. The answer is very important not only from an environmental perspective but also  from the viewpoint of saving you money on your energy bills. So whether you use a gas boiler, electric storage heaters, a fan assisted system or even a real open fire making sure that the heat stays in the home is paramount.

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There are two quick and easy ways to make sure that you don’t suffer from heat leakage. The first is to invest in a whole set of Double glazed windows. These are excellent at insulating heat and stopping it from leaking out of the windows. This is a common place to lose it.

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Secondly the home should benefit from some cavity wall insulation. This is another long term solution to keeping in heat. It should come as standard on most modern homes. Finally you should look at getting some Downlight Covers like those from Thermahood Direct. This handy covers help to stop any heat leakage from LED lights such as the pot based versions. They also stop draughts from where they were installed.


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