Ideas to decorate your office with industrial style

Working from home has many satisfactions. If you like decoration we add an extra: to be able to enjoy a personalized work environment to the fullest. That has that air that you love, those details that fall in love with you and that turn your office into that special place where you develop all your creativity and where you can be focused and motivated, in which to be more productive.

Today I want to teach you several ideas to decorate your office with industrial style. It is a very characteristic style that evokes the old workshops or factories, with an aesthetic based on metallic elements but that does not have to be cold. On the contrary, there are many ways to have a very welcoming office. Let’s see how to get it.

industrial style office
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Do not miss wood

Although the most characteristic materials of the industrial style are metal and iron, the truth is that wood makes us balance its apparent coldness with some warmth. The combination can not be more effective. Bet on wood for the floor, for example, or for furniture such as the table, a shelf or a dresser.

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The plants also balance

We are creating an industrial office but we also want it to become a cozy and comfortable place to work. I love that structural elements such as a pipeline are visible or that imperfect walls are not camouflaged. But also that there are certain natural touches that can come with buy ambien wood, as we have seen before, and also placing some plants in your office. A little green will always be welcome.

Chairs and stools

Although the chair in which you work must be ergonomic and as comfortable as possible, try to incorporate some other that is more suited to the industrial style we are looking for. The stools will look great, and you will surely find a special corner where you can place one.

industrial style office
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Decorative elements with personality

If you want your office to breathe that characteristic industrial air it is good to introduce decorative elements full of personality. Of course, without passing so that they do not saturate the space. They will be details that will bring a unique touch to the decoration but that should not come to occupy excessive space or that may affect our concentration.

It is not a decorative style that is characterized by the large number of elements used. The just and necessary to give you that personality we are looking for.

With what accessories can you play? An old typewriter will look great, for example, some vintage books, a retro telephone, a wall clock …

The textures are very important

In an office with a marked industrial character, the imperfect finishes are ideal. I’ve already overtaken you before. The walls of exposed brick, for example, are wonderful in these spaces. And if they have any chips, nothing happens. These “unfinished” finishes are typical of this decorative style. Even if you use wood on a table or in a piece of furniture, it will be better the more natural it is.

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