Ideas to decorate the office with recycled objects

Are you a little handsome and want to give new uses to objects that you no longer use? If you like recycling and crafts you have come to the right place. Today we are going to see some ideas to decorate your office with recycled objects. In some moments, the work will be minimal; in others it will require more dedication on your part. In any case, we will make your office have a unique and different personality.

decorate the office
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A wall full of inspiration

To have all your papers organized you can place a grid on the wall and turn it into a very special mood board. I’m going to remind you of two DIY’s that we’ve seen a long time ago with those who can make one with your own hands. Although if it is about recycling is proposed several ideas: what do you think to build it with an old bed frame of a bed? You can support it on the wall and hang your notes, notes and inspiring images in your bars. You can also do it with any grid you have at home and you have not even thought it could serve you for this.

Hangers in your office

It’s the easiest way for your office to have a unique touch that makes it different. You only have to put some hangers on the wall to serve as a magazine, for example. If you wear tweezers, which we use to hang the skirts, they will also help you keep your notes and important notes in order.

decorate the office
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Pallets and wooden stairs

The pallets are those elements that always come in well in the decoration. In the office, too. They can be used to make, for example, a piece of furniture in which to store, your papers or even you can make a work table of the most original. Totally customized. If you do not have much time or desire to build something too elaborate I suggest you take a pallet, screw some wheels, put a glass or laminate panel on top and turn it into a side table. If you have a relaxation area or meetings in your office is going to give a very cool touch. And with the wooden stairs, the same. Support one on the wall or open a double, put shelves on the steps and small shelves chula will have.

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More ideas with wood

The wooden boxes are another source of inspiration for the office. You can use them in many ways. For example, they can be turned into colorful and practical shelves if you hang several of them on the wall and paint them inside. You can also even design a desk by helping out with a large panel that serves as a dashboard. Look at these two examples and tell me if you do not look like a whore. In addition, the wood is very cozy and in your office will create a pleasant environment for you to work inspired and concentrated.

decorate the office
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Cages as organizers

You already know my passion for the cages to decorate. We have seen them at weddings, for example, but now I encourage you to also use them in your office. You can put one on the table, put a finite panel inside that shelf and leave your papers on file. You can also hang it from the ceiling to store papers, office supplies or even simply as a decorative element.

Recycled pencil holder

Grab some old tin cans that you have in the kitchen and customize as you like. It will serve to store your pens, pens and other work utensils always ordered. There are many ways to do it. You can paint them, you can cover them with an adhesive paper, you can hang them on the wall, leave them on the table, make a composition horizontal … Do not miss imagination!

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