Ideas Nordic-style Christmas decorations

Christmas is near and this year may not put your fancy traditional ornaments forever. You would like to create a different decoration for your home? Then perhaps the thoughts that I bring you today you find interesting. This is dress your home with Christmas decorations Nordic style, a different way to welcome this time of year because the colors and used items away a bit from traditional music at this time. You dare?

Nordic-style Christmas
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First, the main colors you wear your Nordic Christmas are the white base and gray and red color to enter details on some of the supplements. But the truth is that there are decorative ideas all in white that are truly wonderful …

Christmas tree Nordic style

There can be no Christmas decorations tree. But in this case we forget the green firs and we will go for other ornaments. You can put some logs nailed shaped pyramid on your wall, in the form, say, plane, make an original composition also with wood and hanging balls in neutral tones or even place some dry branches in a corner of your ticket. Nordic decor commitment to simplicity and natural elements, also at Christmas.

Nordic-style Christmas
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The tree of life

If you do not want to renounce the traditional Christmas fir, try to bring these Nordic air to decorate the way. Place, for example, all the balls and tinsel white, which is the color that predominates in this type of decoration. You can make concessions to silver or gray, for example.

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Less is more

As you can see in the photo gallery after reading this article, the Nordic style Christmas decorations commitment to less is more. No excessively busy environments but rather small details strategically placed around the room. A corner with candles, a white and gray ball, some branches in a demijohn … No fanfare.

Nordic-style Christmas
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Nordic Christmas ornaments

As for the decorative details, the Nordic style offers a wide variety of ideas for this Christmas. No shortage nor small candles centerpieces in neutral colors, you can even make your own crown in white to make it great in this type of decoration. Place a star, a wreath, a poster with a message or a nice glass jar. As we said before, no need to fill the rooms of decorations. With very little you get a lot.


Overall, the Nordic decor is warm and inviting. At Christmas, too. In fact, he will lay great to your home if you put some nice textiles on a sofa or chair, blankets wool or hair on the bed, in neutral tones with a touch in red, for example. You get to design comfortable environment to enjoy the pleasant company of your family and friends in these Christmas days.

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