Ideas for decorating the bathroom with minimalist style

The bathrooms are these rooms in the house that sometimes left a little forgotten in terms of decoration is concerned. Being small or whatever reason, we give them the importance they may have. And they have it ! We know that several decorative styles that we can apply in the bathroom, but today we focus on the minimalist style, elegant and sober way to put this stay. But always with personality. For some inspiration we leave you with several ideas. Do you dare to give a return to your bathroom to have a different air?

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The design of a minimalist bathroom

The minimalist bathrooms are characterized by modern, open spaces, furniture design but generally looking for that convenience so necessary in this stay. Whether the bathroom is big as if it is small, it is possible to place less things to create an atmosphere with simple and pure lines, where only see what is strictly necessary. It is not nothing overdone in terms of decor or the type of furniture chosen.


The minimalist design is characterized by simple, for this reason, the furniture should have put a very light, pure and simple lines, without any ornament. They are very bright spaces, which get by installing a mirror that can reflect all light of stay. If you can have natural light, much better, if not the case white lights placed at different points will give the expected result.

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The order, which is essential

The bathrooms are minimalist clear definition of the order. Are very clear spaces, where there is nothing in sight, serene, and featuring a picture of calm and tranquility. As not fit the shelves full of things, you must make with fitted with sufficient storage capacity so you can keep all your stuff safely. You can also place a floating shelf but above all, do not leave anything out of place or will break with the environment to be created in these baths.

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The materials that you can use

As for materials, wood always looks good, although you can also make use of other like stone, steel, glass or crystal.


Although it is diaphanous look and wide open spaces, bathtubs feel great this decorative style. If you prefer a shower, you can put a slate, for example. It will give a special touch to the stay.

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What colors enter in your bathroom minimalist style? The black and white certainly are wonderful for this stay. Also gray or neutral or warm colors that help us introduce a bit of nature at home. If you want a more modern feel the black is a good choice; if you prefer to give a more rustic you can use other colors. The target will be the best alternative if you want a spacious and bright, with feeling of purity bathroom.

Natural details

Although the bathroom is sober and minimalist with a simple decoration, you can place a decorative detail like a plant. It will give a natural feel quite warm if you think this decorative style can be something cool for your home.

Mixing textures

When decorating your bathroom in this way you can choose a main material or mixing different textures. For example, place wood on the floor to give a greater feeling of warmth and combined with steel furniture to make the environment more modern and stylish.

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