How to protect your home from burglars

How to protect your home from burglars

Taking a few simple steps can protect your home from burglars; what’s more, intruder-proofing your home does not have to break the bank. With a rise in burglaries in many towns and cities across the UK, now is the time to take action.
It may seem obvious but securing your doors and windows should be the first step in deterring would-be thieves. Install a deadbolt or a smart lock to make it more difficult for a burglar to enter the house. Sliding glass doors are attractive to thieves, so a door sensor can be added. Glass in windows can be reinforced and glass break sensors can be added. A top tip is to plant prickly bushes under windows to make entry more difficult.

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Make sure the property is well-lit to deter would-be thieves

Keep the property well-lit and make sure driveways and surrounding gardens have appropriate illumination. Solar-powered or motion sensor lights are good choices for the homeowner. A security system from a reputable brand will also deter burglars from breaking in and can be professionally installed.

Trim trees and bushes so that the house is visible from the street and always put ladders in the shed. Don’t tramadol online leave expensive equipment on view, and add security stickers to windows to let burglars know that your property is protected.

A mobile app can enable the homeowner to view the property

Householders who want to replace their electric meter box can obtain them from a variety of suppliers, such as

According to Wired, burglars are using Bluetooth scanners to locate laptops and phones inside cars. With technology controlling our lives more and more, now is the time to put the wi-fi network on lockdown. Secure your wireless router and rename the network to ensure it is not visible. Install a good antivirus and create strong passwords using upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

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Security cameras can deter and foil intruders, especially those that come with a mobile app to enable homeowners to view their property. Many cameras come with motion detection, night vision and cloud storage.

Householders should schedule lights to come on when they are on holiday or working late, which gives a sense of presence about the home and can be a good deterrent; meanwhile, a safe will house any sentimental items or valuables.

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