How to measure bathtub size

How to measure bathtub size

If you are planning the design or renovation of a bathroom space, you should start with the basics. Your goal is to plan the use of the bathroom floor to accommodate standard bathtub measurements and leave enough room for a sink and toilet fixtures.

Length and width

The width of the bathtub is a standard 30 inches (76 cm) wide. If the bathtub is located in a standard bathroom that is 60 inches by 108 inches (or 5 feet by 9 feet or 152 cm by 274 cm), the length of the bathtub will be equal to the width of the bathroom, which is 60 inches (152 cm).


The bathtub can have a dimension between 14 inches (35 cm) and 17 inches (43 cm) in height. If you’re designing this bathroom to facilitate transfer for a physically challenged person, consider creating a shower stall with a ledge that a wheelchair can roll on instead of a bathtub.

Check local building codes

It is important that you check local building codes before planning your bathroom. There will be a maximum distance (ie, number of inches) allowed between pipes, as noted by Leon A. Frenchette author of “Remodeling a Bathroom.” You can probably plan the position of the bathtub at the other end of the bathroom opposite the bathroom door.

Space adjacent to the bathtub

Once you have planned how much space will be needed to install the bathtub accessory or to build a tub, you need to plan the space next to the tub for one person to dry off. For example, a space of 30 inches (76 cm) by 60 inches (152 cm) could be added for this purpose. If the bathtub is immediately next to the toilet, it should be spaced at least 16 inches (40 cm) from the centerline of the toilet. You can also create a 60-inch (152 cm) platform next to the bathtub to make it easy for bathers to get in and out.

Bathtub measurements

The correct size of the bathtub will depend on the space that we have in our bathroom. So take a meter with you and have the exact measurements of your bathroom area at hand so that your choice fits perfectly with the layout of the other sanitary pieces and you do not have space problems in the long run.

However, below we will indicate the most common measures in bathtubs that exist in the market:

  • Standard bathtub: the standard measure ranges from 150 cm long to 80 cm wide in built-in bathtubs, whose depth is 62 cm. They are generally small and rectangular, ideal for bathrooms with little space.
  • Small bathtub: the smallest measurements are 120 cm long by 70 cm wide, ideal for bathrooms with an extremely minimal area. So they are not usually the most comfortable, but they are the ones that take up less space.
  • Bathtub for comfort: Jacuzzi-type hydromassage bathtubs and free-standing bathtubs are larger than standard-size bathtubs, that is, they exceed 150 cm to a maximum of 200 cm and can be incorporated into bathrooms with a large space.