How to Match a Blue Sofa in the Living Room

How to Match a Blue Sofa

How to Match a Blue Sofa in the Living Room

The right color for a new upholstery? The answer could really lie in the most intense shades of blue, those, so to speak, that goes from overseas towards the sapphire color. But even a petrol blue or dark blue sofa will easily find its place in the living room. A less obvious choice than the usual gray, white, or brown, but certainly elegant, ideal not only to give vitality and a new look to the environment but also a small chromatic trick to renew the space.

But how to combine a blue sofa? Important: Before starting with this choice, carefully evaluate the size of the space, the existing elements, and those you want to insert. At this point, if you are looking for

If you want to give the whole new verveHow to Match a Blue Sofa

If you want to renew an industrial style living room that is a little too masculine and “rough”, the inclusion of a blue textile element can be an interesting solution. To be chosen in a bright nuance, it will be perfect for small upholstered furniture, for two or maximum three seats, with a soft and informal line.

The introduction of a captivating yet refined color will personalize the ensemble, maintaining the original style and renewing it.

If you need to organize spaceHow to Match a Blue Sofa

If the conversation area is a long and narrow space, to create a visual continuity that balances the dimensions of the whole, the trick could be to opt for a combined sofa/carpet system of the same color. As in this image, where the choice fell on an upholstery chosen in a cold shade of blue.

The combination of the two elements, strategically positioned in the center of the space with respect to the short side of the room, will restore the right depth to the whole, making it seem more organic and balanced.

If you are looking for something to renew the classic capitonne

An interesting solution to bring refinement to the whole while keeping an eye on the past could be given by an upholstery made with the traditional capitonné processing, but covered in a brilliant ultramarine blue. An ideal choice to renovate a slightly dated piece with modernity.

Whether it is leather or soft velvet, for the capitonné the textures to choose are mainly two, the “new” sofa will bring great elegance to the whole.

And so the old Chesterfield sofa, although declined in blue, can be relocated without problems with (almost) any style of furniture.

If you want to focus on a new eclectic styleHow to Match a Blue Sofa

A key element of the living room, the sofa is at the center of the construction of this space. If you want to create a conversation corner that is eclectic and not too formal, a comfortable blue upholstery cannot be missing. More neutral than you might think, blue will be ideal for creating interesting color and material mixes. As in the photo, in which the combination of a dark blue velvet sofa, textile elements in shades, and wallpaper in the same color creates an elegant and timeless space.

If you need to interrupt the monotony of neutrals Dull

environment (in which you have exaggerated with neutral colors) or a rented house and therefore little freedom to work on floors and surfaces? In this case, the inclusion of (almost) a single color to break the obviousness of neutral shades can be an economical and valid alternative.

As happens in the photo, where a pair of comfortable upholstered furniture has been placed inside a clear “box”.

Or, as in this other solution, where a color block was built consisting of a corner upholstery and a floor system with large overlapping rugs. Blue, a bit like some shades of green and gray, is one of the most suitable for making color a real piece of furniture.

If you feel ready to experiment with tone on tone

Try it only if the space is full of natural light and if the floor is light and neutral. These two conditions are absolutely required if you want to create a tone- on- tone game that includes a blue upholstery among the elements.

To be evaluated, for example, when you have a not very large conversation corner, it will allow you to create a welcoming system, almost a nest of color, inside which the upholstery will no longer be the center, as in the previous solutions, but one of the elements which will contribute to the construction of the space.

If the back wall is darkHow to Match a Blue Sofa

A blue sofa, in a space with one or more dark walls, is a chic and modern idea. Less conventional than the usual white/gray or beige/brown combinations, the ensemble will still be neutral, but less obvious, and will become the perfect stage for playing on details.

Excellent for recomposing the harmony between the warm shades of wood, as in this image, it will give contemporaneity and taste to the whole without creating too many chromatic constraints (which for example you would have with a red sofa or with orange shades).

If it is time to move the usual shabby chic

Finally, if you get tired of the total white, the total wood, or the shabby chic style, distorting everything with a new stuffed with classic lines, but characterized by a refined blue whale it can bring a breath of fresh air. The color will give energy to space, which in any case will remain centered on the previous style, but will develop a shabby 2.0 style made of calibrated and elegant contrasts.

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