How to Make Sure your Gutters are Clean

An important, but often overlooked part of your home is the guttering. Gutters are essential for making sure that the rainwater is directed safely away from your home and into the ground. However, when guttering becomes damaged or blocked, it can lead to all sorts of damage to the property both internally and externally. It is important that if the roof has been damaged due to a guttering problem that you get a professional in to repair it such as Cheltenham roofing company Storm Roofing.

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Cleaning your gutters regularly is something that can save you a lot of future trouble and help to save you money on repairs that will need to be done. It is best to do in after Autumn, when falling leaves can easily block gutters and drains which if left can cause a lot of damage. Spring is also a good time to do it as the blossom from the trees falls at this time.

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Most people tend to use a ladder to access their gutters. Make sure that the ladder is set up safely and securely and is on a firm base before you attempt to climb it. It is not a pleasant job, so you may want to wear gloves to do it, as the build-up of gutter debris can often be dirty and smelly! It is also important when you do this to put a plastic sheet down to put all of the debris onto.






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