How to make a decorative and functional side table made of wood and tiles

This craft that I show you today has enchanted me. It is simple to make and very effective, as it provides a very special decorative touch while performing a practical function at home. It is an auxiliary wooden table with the top part of white tile and colored joints. You can use it as a coffee table, to place a decorative object in a special corner, a bedside table … As you like it.

I’ll tell you the steps to make this piece of furniture with your own hands. From this blog they recommend that you even make several different colors so that you have a nice collection. Go for it!

The materials that you will need

decorative and functional side table
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All materials have been acquired at Leroy Merlin. The wood is a plywood of three layers and a thickness of 19 millimeters. In the store you can ask to have it cut so that you have a square panel of 29.5 centimeters on each side and another two panels of 38 x 26.5 centimeters.

For the crossbar you will need an MDF board 18 mm thick and measures 19.5 x 15 cm. To complete your creation you must also acquire …

  • Acrylic paint.
  • Pigments in powder of different colors (here they have used olive green, red and yellow).
  • White tiles of 10 x 10 centimeters.
  • Paste for the joints (get one that you can dye with colored pigments).
  • Special adhesive for tiles.
  • Matt varnish (if you are going to put your auxiliary table on a terrace or balcony, for example, it is optional).
  • Sponge, spatula, roller and a bowl to mix the pasta and pigments.

Step by Step

decorative and functional side table
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First, apply two or three layers of paint on the MDF board with the roller and the acrylic paint. In this case they have used the color white and black. Paint on both sides.

Next, make four holes in the edge of the side board. Screw one of the two rectangular panels to the square board to create the first foot and do the same with the second rectangular panel on the other side of the board. If you want the assembly to be more precise you can help with a clamp.

Now, put the MDF panel painted in the center of both legs, make two holes in the center of one of the two feet and screw to assemble. Do the same with the other. You already have your structure assembled.

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decorative and functional side table
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Now it’s time to paste the tiles. Glue the special tile adhesive on the back of these and cut out another square for the wood. Go placing the nine tiles on the wooden panel, leaving the same separation between them. To avoid mistakes or scares, you can put 2 mm plastic crossheads and thus ensure that the separation of the joints is equidistant.

Paint the joints

decorative and functional side table
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Now let’s fill in the space that has been between one tile and another. In a story, dye the paste with the color pigments you have chosen. You may have to add a little water to make the pasta as homogeneous as possible. Follow, in any case, the manufacturer’s instructions for making the pasta and the mixture. Next, put it on the boards to fill them. Nothing happens if you spend a lot, since after you can remove what is left with a spatula. When the paste is already dry clean the surface with a sponge.

And you have ready this side table of wood and tiles, perfect to place in the hall, in a bedroom, in the living room or on the terrace.

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