How to choose a good kitchen sink cabinet

kitchen sink cabinet

How to choose a good kitchen sink cabinet

In the choice of the kitchen sink, the context in which it will be placed takes on great importance. It is important to choose a model that has a certain continuity of style and appearance with the rest of the kitchen furniture. So it is good to carefully evaluate if and how to combine models with a modern design to a modular one with classic lines. Also with regard to materials and colors, you have to pay close attention to the rest of the house and to the style. You risk making purchases that you get tired of soon.

Another important element is to carefully evaluate the size of the sink. The width depends on the space actually available on the work surface, but it is important to remember that the sump must be as deep as possible in order to accommodate dirty dishes and pots without filling up too quickly.

Dimensions of the kitchen

The space you have in the kitchen dictates the rules in choosing the furniture to buy. It is a good idea to try to optimize spaces as much as possible even when they appear to be very large and comfortable. In fact, it is always good to have a certain continuity when positioning the different elements. The hot and cold water drain and taps must be close to the sink and dishwasher. The hob, on the other hand, must have a little distance to prevent water from splashing on it.

Once the measurements have been taken with accuracy and great attention, it is possible to decide whether to opt for a model with one or two tanks. The advantage of the second option is undoubted when making dishes by hand, but on the contrary, it could be an excessive bulk that you can do without, it could also be round to give an extra touch to the kitchen.

Not only size, but the shape also has its importance. In some cases, it may be useful to aim for a corner model to be recessed between two walls and offer more space inside but without excessive bulk.


The choice of the material with which the sink is made must be made with great care. Carefully evaluate the type of maintenance required, which substances can damage it, the overall robustness. Among the materials that increasingly appear in catalogs are fragrances, granite, stone, and resin, the advantage of these solutions is that they are made in unusual colors that are different from the usual gray of steel.

They may be difficult to keep in order, more prone to scratches, and over time they may lose their charm. This is why it is important to carefully check that they are made with attention to detail and with coatings suitable to withstand the daily attacks that this special area of ​​the kitchen undergoes.

Match colors and styles

When choosing the sink, attention must be paid to the appearance it gives to the whole environment. In fact, it could be the ideal tool to give a boost of novelty and good taste to a room that has already seen better days for some time.

The rule that can be kept in mind is always one: look for an element that breaks the monotony but remains consistent with the general context. For example, if the predominant colors are light, the sink could be dark and act as a breakthrough that catches the eye. Conversely, a kitchen that is too dark may need elements capable of illuminating it, once again the sink could be a valid ally.

How to use a kitchen sink

The use of the sink must be careful and respect certain rules, not only the maintenance of the materials but also the hygiene must be taken into due consideration. Cracks, elements in relief, there are many points where dirt can nest. The constant presence of humidity and the heat produced in this room are the main ingredients for the proliferation of spores and bacteria that should instead stay away from the foods that are prepared and consumed at home. It is good to carefully evaluate how to maintain and take care of the sink to avoid stagnation of humidity in the most difficult points.

How to wash the kitchen sink

Different products can be used for the specific care of materials, but it is always a good idea to avoid the frequent and systematic use of chemicals. It is not difficult for detergent residues to remain on the surfaces with which the food or utensils to prepare it comes into contact. So a good system for the thorough hygiene of this environment is to use the same soap that is used for washing the dishes. It has a high degreasing power and is formulated not to be too aggressive towards our intestine if it comes into contact with minimal particles.

A good idea to keep the sink tidy and to work in the hardest-to-reach places with a sponge or brush is to use steam. A thin and targeted jet is able to eliminate the encrustations that form on the edges or under the drain. It is the best method to clean and sanitize without resorting to aggressive chemicals.

Maintenance of the undermount kitchen sink

They are more and more in demand and have a really nice appearance, they are made in such a way as to be recessed just below the level of the top and do not protrude as do the traditional models that rest on top. The advantage is that you do not see the silicone used to insulate the cracks, nor does it tend to unglue with the passage of time. Another positive element, they are easier to clean because with a single pass you can reach the entire surface of the sink without getting lost between protrusions and recesses.

When buying a sink it is always useful to carefully check if there are some substances capable of corrode them. Porous materials such as stone, or made from special alloys such as resins, could be sensitive to certain substances, even the most common ones such as oil or vinegar.