7 tips to black home decor

7 tips to black home decor

There is perhaps a more elegant color and at the same time with such a bad reputation as black. It is not that we cannot use it in our decoration, however, the fear of reducing or overloading spaces discourages us. If you are firm in your idea and want to include this color in the decoration of your house, we bring you a series of tricks that will help you with this objective:

1. Black kitchens with white

Black kitchens are an example of sophistication and sumptuousness. If your kitchen has wide and bright spaces, you will have no problem combining black in the furniture and wall lights. If this is not your case, if your kitchen is small and dimly lit, try to counteract this dark tone. You can easily do this by using a white countertop, painting the walls, or laying a white veneer or tile.

2. The power of mirrors

Dark walls will always be striking, they are usually perfect for displaying paintings and works of art, providing elegance and glamour, characteristics that only black can give. But fear arises and we would ask ourselves questions such as, will the space be reduced? If it may be possible. But do not worry!

There are tricks to minimize this effect; For example, apply the color white on the front wall. Place a large mirror on the dark wall so that the light color is reflected, in this way the room will look much brighter.

3. Apply white color on the other walls

As in the previous case, apply the black color to a single wall and paint the rest white. It does not matter if it is a small space or even in a bedroom you can use the color black. Now if you want to maximize the light and minimize the power of black keeping only its elegance, always apply the lightest color on the window wall. If you paint this wall white around the window you will be able to channel light throughout the room and also highlight the outside.

4. Paint half a wall

Another interesting trick is to divide the wall into two parts. We have seen it in many environments mixing other tones and the truth is that it looks very good. Paint one of the two parts black and leave the other for white, the order doesn’t matter, that’s a matter of taste.

5. Counteract its power with natural fibers

In environments where black and gray are the protagonists and you do not want to apply a lot of white, bet on natural fibers. Natural fiber furniture, cushions, curtains and light-colored lamps, will thus counteract the darkness that these dark colors transmit and also give a little stability and warmth to the room.

6. Black on the floor

If you want to see the color black in your house but not include it on the walls, look at the floor. Tends to be easier and less risky, but be careful

If the tone is very dark, your dark-colored furniture will stand out less and lose prominence. Now, if you want it very dark, it would be more interesting to use furniture in light colors or natural wood.

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7. White walls and black furniture

Without a doubt, one of the most successful solutions would be to paint everything white, including the floor in a light color, and introduce black through the furniture. Yes, it is the most conservative option and the result would be very interesting. Perhaps it is also the solution to introduce large chests of drawers and displays in black.