How to Clean TV Screen? Follow the Steps to Start

how to clean tv screen

How to Clean TV Screen? Follow the Steps to Start

The latest generation televisions are particularly delicate, so much so that even to be cleaned you need maximum attention and as much delicacy. In summary, this applies to any TV and monitor with an LCD screen, as well as to any device equipped with a touchscreen. Contrary then to the old cathode TV screens, those of today can be easily scratched if due attention is not paid. In this article, we will show the steps on how to clean TV screen. During household chores, care must be taken to avoid inadvertently damaging the device.

A flat-screen TV is made of very fragile materials, which are likely to be damaged during cleaning. This rule does not apply if we are talking about plasma televisions which are made of glass. However, care must be taken while cleaning, because it usually has a kind of anti-reflective coating on the surface which, if treated with the wrong products, could deteriorate. So whether it’s a Plasma TV or an LCD screen, the cleaning phase is of fundamental importance.

How to clean TV screen?

We may find ourselves having to deal with dust and footprints, with some splashes of water or even with animal residues. Better not to be disheartened and not to make hasty choices in terms of usable products. In fact, with a few small tricks, we will be able to clean every type of surface. Among the best televisions also indicated by there will certainly be the model of our dreams: just choose the right one and give it the utmost attention when we clean it.

how to clean tv screen

Some clarifications on the cleaning of the TV screen

Before understanding what are the steps to follow to properly clean a TV, it is good to underline some simple and proactive rules. First of all, there are no particular, typical and experience techniques to be able to clean. Those who are experts in the sector recommend cleaning with normal, easily available products and practically anyone can do it.

Another thing that you should never lose sight of is that the LED screen is very delicate and sensitive, so the actions to be taken to clean it must be very cautious. Let’s start from the consideration that we are not dealing with any glass. So it is better not to apply too much pressure during the cleaning actions.

If you follow the suggestions below carefully and carefully, we will avoid causing permanent damage to the television which affects its proper functioning.

Read the operating instructions of the TV

Most people trash TV user manuals because they take their content for granted. There is nothing more wrong than this. Inside the instructions, you can also find any suggestions on how to clean the screen. That is, suggestions that are essentially based on the characteristics of your TV.

It will be better to go in search of the manual, and which one we should no longer buy ambien have, just write on Google the brand and models of the TV. On the web, you will certainly find a version of the manual in PDF format. At this point, it should be sifted through so that it is possible to check whether the parent company has provided indications that can facilitate the cleaning phase.

The rules for perfect cleaning

At this point, we can try to understand what are the possible steps to put into practice for perfect cleaning of the TV screen. Perfect in the sense of safe phase and without causing damage.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the TV should be cleaned if it is turned off and not running. This not only serves for greater personal safety but also because in this way both the dust and the stains are more detectable.

At this point, you can bring a microfibre cloth. Any cloth made of the same material that is used to clean glasses is fine. It should be passed gently on the whole screen until any residual trace is abolished. In general, it is a very normal movement and the passage that eliminate all traces of dust from the TV screen.

When and how to choose products to clean screens

Sometimes, it can happen that we find ourselves in front of a display so dirty, that the mere use of a microfiber cloth is not enough to achieve an intense cleaning of the TV. For this reason, in order for cleaning to be much more efficient, it will be necessary to use detergent products that are able to eliminate any trace of dirt.

On the market there is a wide range of recommended products, so choosing the one that best suits your needs will be easy to do.

It should also be noted that should these products be used, they will never be sprayed directly onto the screen. This means that the product must be applied on the cloth, which once moistened can be passed on the screen until it comes out completely clean.

If you want there are also two alternatives to the classic use of cleaning products. The first is given by the use of a solution composed of 50% water and 50% white vinegar, the classic remedy of the grandmother. You can then pass the cloth in a completely gentle way to every corner of the screen. Then it must be dried using a dry part of the same cloth.

Finally, the second alternative for cleaning TV screens is to use a cloth moistened with a little distilled water. In this case, the cloth must be passed over the entire surface to remove dust and other traces of dirt. As in the previous cases, this too must be extremely delicate in order to avoid damaging the TV.

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