How to Clean the Fridge to Keep It Always Like New

How to clean the fridge

How to Clean the Fridge to Keep It Always Like New

Cleaning the fridge from time to time is something necessary for its good maintenance, avoiding odors and putting order inside. We teach you how to do it. Since the food that we are going to take later is preserved inside, it is very important to keep the refrigerator in good condition. So we are going to teach you how to clean the fridge step by step, so you don’t forget any detail.

In this way, you will avoid bad smells, forget expired food inside and correct hygiene of this appliance with which we are in contact day after day.

How to clean the fridge?

To clean the fridge you are going to need to get some old towels and cloths, as well as water, baking soda, vinegar, lemon and some other cleaning products.

If you have to choose when to do this cleaning, we recommend that it be at a time when you do not have the fridge full of things, because you are going to have to take everything out and it can be damaged.

How to clean the fridge

Turn off and empty the fridge

To start cleaning, the first thing you should do is unplug the appliance from the light. Then take out all the food that is inside and take the opportunity to check the expiration dates and get rid of what you can no longer consume.

So that the floor does not fill with water, place towels at your feet. And so that the food does not spoil, we recommend you keep them in airtight cold bags, or in coolers, or leave everything as cool as possible. Keep reading: remove oil stain from wood

Review the door gaskets

It is impossible that dirt does not enter the door seal of a refrigerator when we open it so many times a day and it is also so close to the cold and humidity inside. Mold may form on the joint and various debris may accumulate, so we recommend that you review it with water and a few drops of vinegar or bicarbonate.

Remove the shelves and drawers

Ideally, remove the shelves one by one from the inside and clean them with a damp cloth, drying them later with a dry one. Take this opportunity to review the cleanliness of the rails on which these shelves rest. And do the same valium with the lower drawers for fruits and vegetables, paying attention not only to the cleanliness of the drawer itself but also to the shelf on which they rest because there will be a lot of accumulated dirt here.

If the shelves are stained or heavily soiled, try scrubbing them thoroughly with soap, water and a scouring pad. You can even use a fat remover.

While they are drying, take the opportunity to review the entire interior of the refrigerator, from top to bottom, paying attention to the corners. Use a cloth with soap and water, to which you can add vinegar, lemon or bicarbonate. Also remember to clean the door without the shelves. Before replacing the shelves, dry everything with another cloth.

Pull out and clean the drain pan

If your fridge contains a drain pan, you will find it inside, under the bottom panel, at the foot of the fridge under a grid or in the back.

In any case, check the manual of your refrigerator to locate it more easily and to know how the manufacturer recommends that you clean it.

Take the opportunity to remove it, empty it and wash it thoroughly because here the water in the fridge will have been accumulating and even mold may have formed. In that case, wash it with bleach diluted in water and wear gloves.

Clean the back of the fridge

That great unknown! We don’t see anything often at the back of the fridge and, even if it’s hidden, it’s an area that accumulates a lot of dust. Take the opportunity to take out the fridge and clean it with a vacuum cleaner, which will be easier and faster. Review with a dry cloth and put it back in its place.

Once we have finished everything, you have to plug the appliance back in and wait at least half an hour before reintroducing all the food. In this way we allow the refrigerator to take its temperature back.

Following these steps, cleaning the fridge is easy, but takes time. Plan so that the cleaning does not coincide with the day after you have made the purchase and thus it will be easier for you to empty it and relocate everything later.

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