Classic hotels, the decoration that survives the fashions

Classic hotels

Classic hotels, the decoration that survives the fashions

Classic hotels are the creations that admit more varieties of lights due to the large number of environments that we can find within their facilities. Each room must meet specific and unique needs. Therefore, today we bring you the best lighting ideas taking into account the different spaces that we find within a hotel.

10 classic lighting for hotels

1. The big lamp at the reception

The reception of a hotel is your business card, as well as the cafeteria, restaurant, or living room, which are the spaces where we can show off a spectacular lamp that will personalize our hotel. Depending on the style we want to convey, we can find vintage, contemporary or classic lamps for a hotel’s reception. This lamp made of natural wood is a piece that is perfect to be the main focus of attention in hallways and hotel halls.

Another idea that we love is the chandelier. It is available in versions of 12, 24, or 40 arms. Porcelain filters the light, and the black finish makes light, together with its imposing design with a discreet touch, the star of the room.

2.  Wall sconces

Wall sconces are the most widely used type of lamp in hotel lighting. They are usually placed in almost all rooms and are usually accompanied by other types of main lights. Hallways, corridors, and wall lights create ambient light not to have too direct and dazzling light.

The straight lines ACB Lighting are perfect for hotel lighting since they are geometrically integrated into corridors and small spaces, offering pleasant indirect and discreet light.

Another of our favorites is the wall lights that we can also use in hallways and are ideal next to the bed’s headboard. The lampshade’s lighting fabric achieves a vaporous effect perfect for illuminating passageways dimly or having pleasant lighting next to the head of the bed.

3.  The portholes

The porthole lamps are perfect for lighting the hotel restaurant. We can use them as the main lighting or accompanied by a large main lamp or wall sconces. The portholes are a practical light in lighting for hotels that allows us to give light with discretion.

Quality general lighting and a feeling of spaciousness are what the round Sol lamp. You can find it 30 or 45 centimeters in diameter, perfect for creating a light symmetry that offers well-being in the restaurant of your hotel.

To create a more intimate effect on each restaurant’s tables, the ceiling lamp will be perfect. It is made of solid aluminum and offers elegance and discretion at the same time. Its careful design will enhance the decoration of the room, at the same time that its small size (11 in diameter) is perfect to offer personal space to each diner.

4.  Recessed lights

Recessed spotlights are similar to wall lights but more discreet. In the lighting of a hotel, we can find them at the reception. They are usually accompanied by other types of main or more decorative lights. Recessed spotlights provide powerful lighting, making them ideal for meeting rooms or reading places like the library. It can be the best classic lighting for hotels.

5.  Led lights

LED lighting is increasingly used in hotels due to its long duration and savings. They are ideal for corridors and places of transit that must always be illuminated but with little intensity. These lights usually stay on throughout the day, accompanied by another more powerful lighting that will only be turned on by motion sensors.

6.  Table lamps

Table lamps are perfect for lighting hotel rooms, whether on the bedside tables or on the bedroom desk. They create a perfect environment to read, work, or relax watching television.

Like this table lamp from Milan Lighting, with regulation and available in two sizes, it is inspired by nature and allows us to adapt its intensity to the time of day, which makes it perfect as a bedside table lamp.

Something more elegant for hotel lighting is Infinito Lighting. This lamp represents the elegance of classic shapes with the possibility of choosing between a nickel finish and another in gold. The decorative lighting is in line with the rest of the elements around it.

7.  Dimmable lights

Within the lighting for hotels, it is important to think about all the details and have lights that allow us to regulate the lighting and differentiate the environments at night from the day’s environments. For example, in the restaurant bar, we may want to convey different atmospheres depending on the day.

8.  Spotlights directed at the doors

In the corridors, we have different lighting options: one is the LED lights that we have talked about previously, another would be to place some spotlights directed at the doors and, therefore, at the room number we are looking for. This has been the predominant option for years, but today home automation is preferred due to the energy savings it entails in hotel lighting.

With the wall lights, we can create this effect. This lighting enhances the door number and serves as a guide to accessing the room when night falls. Its simple and smooth lines enhance the object on which the focus is to be placed, so it is also very useful to illuminate signs, posters, or other elements that you want to highlight in the hotel.

9.  Hanging lamps

Pendant lamps are also a perfect solution for hotel lighting in corridors. They personalize the environment. You have to look for a large lamp and it can be accompanied by LEDs or wall lights to avoid areas in the dark.

Swell dazzles above all for its design and its imposing presence. Designed by the Series Nemo team, its lampshade is designed inspired by the shape of a flower.

Lampshades are available in white or black. They are a very versatile suspension lamp: its die-cut lampshade offers a very original design, which can be adapted both to walkways, to the hotel restaurant, or even in the room itself.

10.  Floor lamps

It is an option used at the reception. The reception admits many options, as we have already mentioned, and they are often combined. It has all the characteristics to become the favorite for hotel lighting. It has a very discreet design thanks to its straight lines. It offers great stability due to the lower tripod. And it also incorporates a small table where you can leave a coffee, a drink, the phone or a book.

Finally, do not forget that it is important to play with warm and cold lights. And whenever possible classic lighting for hotels is used if there are good windows.

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