Children’s Room Interior

Children’s room – this is one of the most important areas of the house, which will help your child build his world, develop, create and relax. Therefore, before embarking on repairs, it is worthwhile to carefully plan and plan everything.

How to start repairing a children’s room

Of course, the interior of the room is built under the floor and the age of the baby. And, of course, it is important that the room meets the interests of the child, as well as his color tastes. The ideal option would be to divide the nursery into zones.where in one will be your favorite characters, and in the other – a desk and everything necessary for creativity. To do this, you need to find the most appropriate decor so that everything is at hand, comfortable and on the shoulder of the child.

Without a doubt, the children’s room should be colorful and interesting. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. Try to combine the quiet colors in the sleeping area and bright, encouraging playing, work and learn, in the area for games and lessons. One of the best and at the same time soothing colors is green. And it is suitable for both the boy and the girl.

Children's Room Interior

In any repair, with all the creative approach, it is important not to forget about the general rules of interior design and what was originally the goal. If it’s too active, use softer tones. If on the contrary, paint the room with different colors. Well and, of course, it is important to look into the future, so that after 3-5 years the child “does not grow out of the room.” Try to think about how he will use it during his school years. Starting from all of the above, from the position of the windows and doors, arrange the zones so that both you and the baby are comfortable and comfortable.

It is best to start from the sleeping area and push off from it. A bed is the most important element. It is on her child will gain strength. You can immediately put a large bed if space permits. Today sold sliding beds for growth. You can choose it… The mattress should be hard, preferably orthopedic. Next to it put a floor lamp or hangs a night light. Not infrequently at an early age, children are afraid to sleep without light, after this fear passes. So night lighting will be a good literate decision.

Think ahead of the lighting in the nursery. It should be as comfortable as possible for the eyes of light and a sufficient number of lamps in each zone.

Children's Room Interior

Do not choose artificial flooring. Use natural wood for parquet and pile carpet. Do not save on furniture, building materials or textiles. It is not recommended to buy a carpet with a long nap, as it is very difficult to wash off dirt and stains. But in cold weather, it should also serve as sources of heat. We remember that children love to crawl and sit on the floor while playing games? And many still go barefoot.

Be sure to take care of the spaciousness of the cabinet and a separate dresser or chest for toys. The idea of where to put everything with what your child is playing today is a huge set. Just show your imagination!

And, of course, in any interior, there must be taste and aesthetics in order to develop in the baby a sense of beauty, an understanding of the combination of colors. If you can not cope with this task yourself, it is better to contact a professional designer.

Interior room for girls

The girl is a beautiful creation of man. Very delicate and fragile she deserves the same design of her room. Therefore, it is best to choose light and pleasant colors for walls and decorative objects. Today, the most popular are shades of pink, lilac, and cream. If there is a desire, then all this can be made more vivid with the help of inserts or toys, zones, fragments.

Children's Room Interior

In the room for the girl, it is preferable to use more textiles: bedspreads, carpets, pillows, blankets, feather beds, teddy bears and hares. Frames with photos of white color, beautiful posters and, of course, openwork curtains will help make the baby crumb the coziest.

Unlike the boy, the girl requires more furniture where you can store your dresses and shoes. For her, you can buy a children’s dressing table and hang shelves for pupae. Under the house for Barbie and Ken, as an option, the most common white coffee table fits.

Interior room for a boy

The story of the interior of the nursery for a boy is somewhat different. Here the most suitable colors will be blue, blue, bright green, deciduous, yellow, and brown.

Children's Room Interior

Most of all, the boy will be interested not in the lockers and shelves, but in various objects, reflecting his hobbies, helping him in development (including strength). You can put a small turnstile or ladder if the area of the room allows it. Today, excellent Swedish walls for children are sold.

Another great idea that can be peeped in magazines and the Internet is themed interior when a children’s room is decorated in the form of a ship, a rocket or a race track.

Interior of a children’s room for two children

Not uncommon when there are two children in a family. The only convenient option here will be zoning. As an option, you can separate half of one baby from half of another with a huge rack or additionally constructed wall.

Children's Room Interior

If the area simply does not allow this and requires an interior for a small nursery, then the ideal option, of course, would be a bunk bed. When choosing it, it is very important to pay attention to the material of the tree and the quality of the ladder so that it does not collapse in the first year, and the child does not twist his leg or fall while lifting.

For children of different sexes, zoning still remains the most ideal option. If the sleeping area cannot be divided, then it is worth considering the separation of at least playing areas.

A room for two girls or two boys can be arranged in the same style. It will look very good in the interior of one long elongated desk, where there is a place for two. This will help not only to comfortably accommodate the children for homework or drawing lessons but also to solve some problems together.

Children's Room Interior

But, in any case, it is very important not to skimp and monitor the quality of the selected materials and the performance of repair work. The children’s room should be safe, comfortable and comfortable.

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