Hot Bathroom Trends for this Year

Hot Bathroom Trends for this Year

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in a home to renovate. Without being too trendy, you will want to make choices that will add value to your home and stay on point for years to come. Here is our selection of trends.

Monochromatic Palettes

You can’t go wrong with black, white or any shade between the two. Shades of pastel, colour blocking, and accent detailing will come and go, but this most certainly will stand its ground. The scheme works with classic, retro and contemporary styling.

Marble Touches

This is a look that has become very affordable. You don’t have to go with the real thing if you’re on a budget. Marbled tiles of all shapes and sizes are available at affordable prices. You can opt for tiling the entire bathroom to look like a spa or go for tiling only the shower. Complete the look with 12mm shower glass panels and you have a classic luxurious look that will stand the test of time.

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Digital Comfort

Digital showers control the temperature of the water coming from the shower. Anyone using a tap elsewhere in the house will not affect the temperature. Cold showers might be all the rage according to some people, but most of us like them hot. The shower has an integral pump and doesn’t make a sound. A perfect marriage of functional design that won’t destroy your bathroom’s image. It is always worth getting a professional like this plumber Gloucester based HPR in to install anything like this.

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Metal Shower Surrounds

Paired with 12mm shower glass screens, metal-framed showers can create an almost one-dimensional image. The finished product has a strong visual appeal that goes very well with monochromatic colour schemes.

Recurring Design

The secret to successful use of patterned tiles is the placement. The general rule is to choose either the floor or the wall for recurring shapes. Both can be an assault on the senses.

King Midas Taps

Chrome taps are taking a back seat to gold ones. With simple minimal styling, your gold taps will take centre stage. They also pair very well with monochromatic palettes.

The bathroom is one of the rooms that we all use every day. It needs to be a place that you can relax and recharge in. If you cleverly design your bathroom, you will love this room for many years to come. Our advice is to keep it simple in terms of colour and design.