6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is the room in a large or small apartment where functionality and rationality must get along in harmony. In A perfect kitchen, everything should be optimized and convenient, because in a large family with children, it is the hearts of the house, where they often cook a lot, spend celebratory and friendly meals, and lunches, breakfasts, dinners are just a daily duty.

Properly working plumbing taps and sinks, unbreakable kitchen appliances, tightly holding the tiles – this is the dream of any hostess. And while everything is working, the walls are more or less clean, and the ceilings are white, and in the bedroom and in the living room there is no need for repair yet – no one, except for those who like changing interior design, despite all the material, psychological and physical costs, doesn’t He decides to start repairing the apartment.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

But it does not always happen as you want, and a time comes when apartment renovation becomes inevitable. Modern design offers to combine the kitchen with the space of living rooms. And then the old turns into a stylish studio apartment. But they decide on a cardinal redevelopment, which will leave the apartment without walls and without doors in the living room, only single bachelors and young families who do not plan to have a child soon.

The owner or owners, who have decided that the repair in the apartment will be carried out without redevelopment, do the right thing, that they begin with determining the sequence of repair work and studying new trends in the interior design of the rooms and ancillary rooms, constitute the design project. If you have already decided to repair, the result should be perfect.

Wall decoration in the perfect kitchen

After all the plumbing work, dismantling wall coverings, repairing the ceiling, leveling the walls and floor, wiring electrical wiring, installing plumbing fixtures, sockets, switches, lighting wires to the places specified for lamps, it is time to decorate the walls. The choice of decor for perfect kitchen walls will be made correctly, given the requirements for individual areas of the kitchen – food intake and its preparation.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

The walls in the kitchen are divided into functional purposes – the main walls for decorating the kitchen in the areas of eating, installing household appliances and the wall of the working area. Materials for finishing kitchen walls should meet the target requirements, the overall design of the perfect kitchen, overlapping with the design of the apartment.

MDF panels

Among the materials for wall finishing in the kitchen, the MDF wall panels stand out for their versatile design and ease of installation. When installing them, small irregularities of the walls, made during the repair of an apartment, are not critical. On the laminated panels, intended for installation in kitchens, the manufacturer applies an additional paper-resin coating, imitating the texture of wood or stone and variously colored. MDF panels are heat and moisture resistant, so the manufacturer guarantees the durability of their use in the kitchen.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

On the open part of the wall between the hinged cupboards of the kitchen set and the table top, they are mounted against oil splashes, water splashes, and various contaminants. This design is called an apron, although it has nothing to do with the usual apron, as a type of protective clothing. When mounting MDF panels in place of an apron, skinali is attached as a protective screen – a glass screen with an ornament or pattern printed on it using photo printing. Doing fixing skinali should apartment repair specialists who can cut the necessary holes in the glass.

Flexible stone

This finishing material is made of sandstone or marble chips, with a thin layer of natural raw materials applied to flexible fiberglass. It is mounted without any problems, does not emit harmful substances, is durable, withstands temperatures from -45 to + 6 ° С. Finishing material is easy to assemble, aesthetic – has many textures, colors, and patterns.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

Resistance to temperature shocks allows you to apply it on the walls near the gas or electric stove, facing the fireplace. Due to the flexibility and plasticity of this coating, it is used in places with complex wall relief. The covering (flexible stone) facilitates the repair and allows to realize interesting ideas not only inside the apartment but also on the facade of the house.

A TV in the kitchen

A TV in the kitchen in a modern, supersaturated with information world often plays the role of a relaxation device. Watching your favorite TV series at the housewife who is engaged in kitchen troubles is not interrupted, it improves her mood, allow you to relieve psychological stress, to recharge yourself with positive emotions. But at the same time, in the morning the TV allows you to join in a busy working rhythm because the latest news will not allow you to relax.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

If you install a TV in a place where he will not divert much attention to himself, no one from family members will object to his presence in the kitchen, he will not disturb anyone. A TV with a small screen size harmoniously fits into the interior of a small kitchen. The perfect kitchen in the studio apartment will need a TV with a larger diagonal, but easy to operate without modern additional functions, because the hostess is unlikely to put her glasses on to watch the 3D image when cooking dinner.

Furniture for small kitchens

In small kitchens are traditionally costing kitchen units. The best are considered the angular and direct forms of kitchen furniture. Angular small-sized kitchens are better suited for small square rooms. Cabinet kitchen furniture, located along one wall in one line, makes the dining area more extensive.

In order not to suffer from a lack of space when storing kitchen utensils and accessories, it is best to purchase a set, the package of which will include spacious wall-mounted cabinets with translucent glass doors, suspended from the ceiling with LED lighting. With the backlight on, the ceiling seems higher.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

Save space in a small kitchen can furniture with lifting, rather than hinged doors. The shelves in the cabinets should be of different heights to reduce the space between the items installed on these shelves. Retractable box design inserted into a narrow niche will allow maximum use of the internal volume of cabinets. If you fill cabinets with dividers and organizers, then every little thing will always be visible, you will not have to waste time on unnecessary searches.

Kitchen Island

This is an additional workplace located in the center of the kitchen. If the kitchen is less than 15 square meters, you can buy mobile compact versions of a kitchen island on wheels. But the smaller the kitchen area, the worse its functionality. The most convenient will be the placement of the kitchen island in the kitchen of no more than 20 sq. In large kitchens, the distance between the elements of the work area will be quite large. Increase the time spent on finding the hostess near the stove.

A kitchen island in combination with a bar counter will help you conveniently organize the zonality of the perfect kitchen room. Location in the thickness of the island hob may be impossible if you do not provide for the ventilation of the exhaust device when repairing apartments.

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Kitchen

Constructively, kitchen islands can be oval and round, rectangular and square, in the form of a crescent, transformer. Before you buy and place a kitchen island, you need to consider electrical wiring options, places for sockets and electrical safety.

Renovation of the apartment, begun with the repair of the kitchen, no doubt, someday be completed. But the inconvenience during the process of repairing the rest of the apartment will be less if the family can gather at the dinner table amid good-quality furniture and beautiful walls. Even the renovation of the living room will not be a big inconvenience if the TV is in the perfect kitchen interior and the bar counter pleases the male part of the family.

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