10 keys to buying a trundle bed

The peculiarity of the trundle bed is that by including two beds in the same furniture we will be able to save space in the room and our children will enjoy more space. There are also trundle beds that have the structure of a sofa bed. In that case, the lower bed would be hidden inside a drawer. And we would only take it out when we needed it. Although they may seem like modern objects, the truth is that the origin of these beds comes from the Middle Ages. Being used so that the servants could watch over the sleep of their masters.

The 10 tips for choosing a trundle bed are:

  1. Opt for those made with melamine boards: this is the material used in most trundle beds. It is very resistant and does not deteriorate against the action of cleaning products.
  2. Be aware of the measurements: we can generally find them from 80×100 to 105×200 so there is a great variety on the market. We must try to buy a trundle bed according to the height of our children. And where we know that they will sleep comfortably.
  3. Pay attention to the measurements of the mattresses: there are trundle beds in which the lower bed is smaller than the upper one and therefore we will have to use mattresses of different sizes. It will be necessary to pay attention to it.
  4. Be alert to the bed bases: the bed frames must have at least 16 or 20 sheets of wood. Thanks to them, our children will have a good rest and they will also help the mattress last longer.
  5. Choose those that include drawers to store things: if our pocket allows it, the fact that the trundle bed includes a drawer to store things is very useful. Bedding and also seasonal linen will be well protected in the drawer.
  6. Acquire good quality mattresses: sometimes we end up staying with the first ones offered simply because they are cheap. It is recommended that we opt for mattresses from a well-known brand that gives us confidence.
  7. Listen to the opinion of our children: since the trundle bed is going to be part of their bedroom. It would be important for them to give their opinion on which model convinces them the most.
  8. Make sure the mattress breathes correctly: there are mattresses that include a perfectly designed fabric to achieve optimum breathability. In addition, it prevents mites or dampness from appearing.
  9. Bear in mind that it can be personalized in many ways : thanks to this we can make it fit perfectly with the style we want to give the bedroom.
  10. It is important that we can move the bed easily: in this way its cleaning will be easier.

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