Three Tips for Painting a Room Without the Stress

Tips for Painting a Room Without the Stress

Three Tips for Painting a Room Without the Stress

Are you planning to paint your bedroom, living room or another room in your home? Maybe you’ve painted rooms before, but never enjoyed the work. Well, with just a little preparation, painting a room can be a fun, rewarding project! Discover three tips that can take the stress out of a room painting project.

Tape the Edges of the Walls the Day Before

Part of the work of painting a room is placing tape at the top and bottom edges of the walls at the molding and baseboards. Also, it’s typical to place tape around door and window frames so your paint goes exactly where you want it to go. The day before you paint is the time tape your walls. It may seem like a simple job that will take very little time, but it’s important to do it right. If you do your taping work the day before, you can take your time and make sure your tape is in the right place before you put any paint on the walls. The goal is to avoid repainting due to smears and uncovered areas.

Put Protection on the Floor

Getting paint on the floor is always a concern when you paint a room. So, to avoid any messes, it’s best to put Flooring Paper down before beginning your where to get ambien work. Whether it’s a stray drip of paint or a big accident involving the paint pan, you know your floor will be protected. Trimaco is an example of a resource if you’re looking for protection for your floor during a paint project.

Gather All of Your Materials Together in One Place

Painting requires many types of supplies such as brushes, rollers, paint pans, mixing sticks, clean cloths and a step ladder to name a few. You can reduce your stress at this point by gathering all of your supplies together in one area. So, when you need a sponge brush or a cloth to dab at a stray mark on your wall, you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Most interior paint dries quickly, and this can help you to avoid searching for items as you need them.

Lastly, take your time when choosing a color for a room. If you want to paint your living room blue, choose a few shades of blue so you can see how they look on the actual wall. You may want to go with the traditional paper samples from a paint store to check the colors. Or, some stores now have computer technology allowing you to see a visual of how a particular color looks on a wall.