If you’re selling a home what do the Estate agents do?

It’s time to move on. Your home is no longer fit for purpose and you need to get more space. If the family is expanding or you need to downsize, whatever the circumstances you are going to have to face up to selling your house. Let’s assume that you can get the necessary finance to buy the new place and you’ve got a buyer for yours (this is the ideal situation and it shouldn’t be taken for granted that you’ll find yourself in this situation straight away). You are now going to need the skills of TGRES Merging with Alex Clark Glos who are a Gloucester Estate Agents. This might be your first forays into the world of the estate agent and you’ll have no doubt heard a few stories. Let’s have a look and see what an estate agent actually does for you.

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The world of house selling can be a tricky place to negotiate your way through and that’s where the estate agent comes in. You might think that you don’t need one and it’s not a requirement that you do but when you find out what is involved then you may want to rethink that a little bit when you find out what’s involved.

  1. Setting a price for your home. You might think that this is a relatively easy task. You set a price and people come and have a look around and then say yes or no. If only it was that simple. There is a unique skill to selling a home and there are several television programmes devoted to how difficult it can be. The Agent will look at your home and value it plus make the most of the positive things that it has to offer. They might well see things that are good potential selling points that you may have missed.
  2. They don’t actually “value” the property, that’s the role of the surveyor but they will have a good idea of the local market and what things are going for.

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  1. They will help to point out what you need to improve upon when you’re looking to sell.
  2. They deal with the solicitors. This is a very good thing as the legal jargon involved around house selling and buying can be extremely complicated and process driven so having someone who speaks the industry language is a very valuable asset.
  3. They are the Kings and Queens of the negotiated deal. They are being paid to be in your corner so they will look to get you the best outcome and mean you don’t have to be in the middle of the pitch.

Best of luck with your move.

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