5 Ways To Clean The Tiles

5 Ways To Clean The Tiles

5 Ways To Clean The Tiles

5 ways how to clean the tiles with your own hands, useful in everyday life to create gloss in the shortest possible time.

Remains of mortar and cement after repair, glue, lime scale, and mold can be cleaned quickly and with their own hands, if you take into service the advice of professionals.

5 ways to clean the tiles: choose the means

Depending on the nature of the contaminants, the following assistants are needed:

  • ·         Vinegar or citric acid and a toothbrush for cleaning seams;
  • ·         Chlorine for removal of mold, and at the same time and disinfection;
  • ·         Nitrate – for the return of lost shine;
  • ·         Soda as a universal remedy copes with most of the contaminants;
  • ·         A solution of copper sulfate will cope with the old fungus.

5 Ways To Clean The TilesTips: how to clean the tiles quickly

If you want to save energy and do without chemicals for cleaning, you can use a melamine sponge. It should only be lightly wet and wipe the surface of the tile. Efforts at the same time do not need to be applied.

In the end, the tile is wiped with a microfiber cloth. The steam generator will also be an excellent helper for cleaning; it will clean the dirt and rid it of microbes.

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How to clean the tiles: get rid of the calcareous plaque

One of the most common tile stains is limescale. You can cope with it with a solution of soda or vinegar:

  1. ·         In a small container, soda is bred to the state of the paste and applied to the seams and tiles with a sponge;
  2. ·         Using a toothbrush, rub soda into the seams, after an hour they wash off;
  3. ·         Vinegar for convenience in use poured into a spray and applied to the surface of the tiles, also brush the seams then wash off;
  4. ·         In the end, wipe the surface with ammonia to give shine and wipe dry with a special napkin.

5 Ways To Clean The TilesHow to clean the tiles after repair

After repair, the appearance of the tile is bleak. When fresh contaminants appear, they are rinsed off with water, the aged adhesive or mortar is removed with a solvent. Tiles are washed with a special tool or soda solution, then wipe dry.

Applying 5 ways how to clean the tile, you can easily and quickly, and most importantly – yourself to cope with this task.

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