Decorating ideas in purple

The purple is one of my favorite colors. It can be used in a lot of shades, lighter or darker. It is the color of serenity and spirituality, and is composed of red and blue. If the latter predominates, it will acquire a colder appearance, and if the red one is more present it will be closer to the eggplant or the mauve. In any case, it is a color that looks great in the decoration, especially if we want to give it a relaxing touch with its softer version.

Today we are going to see some ideas to introduce it in the decoration of our house. If it is a cake it will look great in a baby’s room, for example, given its calming effect, and if you want to use its intense version you can use it in the living room or in the kitchen, in full, with small details, alone or Combined with other colors. There are many possibilities!