What is a rustic mirror like?

What is a rustic mirror like?

Mirrors are a very important decoration element. In addition to being useful and giving more space to the room, you can also play with the frame to fit your design in one way or another. There are many rustic wooden, wrought iron, or modern-style mirrors. Do you dare to give a different touch to your room, living room, or bathroom?

Rustic mirrors are those that fit in with any type of rustic style. The most common materials for rustic mirrors are wood and iron, but you will see that there are endless materials and designs that can give a different touch to the room.

You can also find rustic vintage mirrors, which play with the age of the glass , giving a touch of antiquity that fits very well in living rooms and bathrooms.

The most used tones in rustic mirror frames are wood colors, but black or white will also fit in a rustic style, especially in the sink.

Characteristics of rustic mirrors

To find out whether or not a mirror will fit in a rustic-style interior, you can follow these tips:

The more robust wood frames the better: Many rustic mirrors opt for wooden frames. The more robust and pure the wood, the better. Try to avoid chipboard if possible. Log-framed mirrors would also be a good option.

Color can give a personal touch: If you want the mirror frame to be of some color, you can do it. As long as the other bright colors in the room are the same tone or combine with it.

Tribal prints: They are a divine option. They will look good especially in rustic Nordic style and minimalist rustic style.

A frameless mirror is an option: If you want a more minimalist option or you already have other decorative elements and you don’t want to overload the room, this is an option that never fails.

The wrought iron in the rustic mirror: It is also a material that will combine with almost everything. In addition, their colors are usually neutral, so it will not be a problem when combining.

But remember that the rules are to be broken. If you want to give a personal touch and color to your room, you can risk using shades other than those recommended. The limit is your imagination!

Rustic Bathroom Mirrors

For the bathroom we have two types of mirrors: The mirrors for the dressing table, which will go on top of the washbasin cabinet, and the round bathroom mirrors, which are small and with feet, to see you more closely. In this section, you will find some designs of both.

Rustic bathroom mirror Dressing table

Some are rustic wooden bathroom mirrors, but we have chosen different materials, so you can imagine using all the combinations.

Standing mirrors for rustic bathrooms

These are the mirrors that you can easily move. They usually have a certain image magnification, so you can see yourself more closely. They are very useful, in every house there should be at least one.

Rustic wooden mirrors

Rustic wooden mirrors are the best fit in houses of this style. For this reason, we have collected the best rustic mirrors with a wooden frame according to their size. Find yours!

Full-Length Rustic Wood Framed Mirror

These mirrors are ideal for bedrooms, dressing rooms or hallways. Places, where you can see yourself complete, are useful and necessary. They take up a lot of space, but it’s worth it. Also with these designs, they will give a touch of absolute elegance and distinction.

Rustic mirrors with half-length logs

These mirrors are ideal to go on top of a piece of furniture. It can be the dressing table, a bathroom mirror, or a mirror at the entrance of the house, to fix yourself before leaving. What they do have in common with each other is wood.

Rustic and colonial decorative mirrors

These mirrors are more focused on decoration than use by reflection. They are colonial and rustic mirrors made of different materials, such as wood or iron. Its function is purely aesthetic, to give distinction to your living room, entrance, hallway, or any corner of your house.

What are the prices of the mirrors for rustic decoration?

This is a question that comes to us a lot, but it is difficult to calculate. A rustic mirror can be an old mirror that you get from someone who no longer wants it and you restore it, so you could find them for free. But there are also interior design brands that make their own rustic mirrors out of logs that can be worth more than € 200. So everything will depend on how well you are and the restoration capacity you have.

But in this blog we wanted to give you different options of mirrors with a rustic wooden frame, so we have left you some links to other brands with mirrors of different qualities and prices. From € 20.