Walk in Closet Organization Ideas

Most women, and men too, who do not have a beautiful and large dressing room, blame the little space we have available. And, although to a large extent we are limited by this capacity, not the whole problem lies there. Knowing how to organize well and making the most of what we have, we can enjoy a beautiful closet, closet, or dressing room. Today, we have prepared tips for Walk in closet organization ideas. Your room will like a professional.

Walk in closet organization ideas

To have the best possible dressing, we must start with the right food. Therefore, we recommend emptying everything, then cleaning and painting, in a light, neutral and uniform color, so that everything looks good and before starting to put in and organize, make a great purge to put only what serves us.

Walk in closet organization ideas

Buy organizational material

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, with a few euros we can buy several plastic boxes, hangers, hangers, and other organizers that we are going to need. If we already have them, it is not necessary to buy anything. But to know what we need to buy before, it is essential to have done step 1, so we will know what we are going to put in the closet.

Organize by seasons

An excellent way to organize the closet is to do it seasonally. It is also the most common, something we do almost all.

Organize clothes by color

Another right way to organize the closet is to do it because of the color of the clothes. Not only is it a very original way of doing it, but practical. In this way, it will be much easier to find light clothes in dark and medium tones.

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From light to dark

This is another way, very similar to the previous one, but instead of colors, because of the light or dark tone of the clothes.

Add tags

It is not necessary to go to a specialized store to get personalized labels if we do not want to. It is enough with adhesive tape and a marker to mark all the baskets that we have introduced and label each one. A much easier way to find things and have them organized.

Organize it by containers

This other option is about picking up anything that makes sense to put in a bowl and put it in. Study the available space well and add transparent cups to see what is in them easily, and put in them everything we can; shoes with shoes, scarves with scarves, etc.

Use the 6 month rule

If you organize your closet according to this rule, everything in the closet and you have not used in 6 months. You have to get rid of it.


We are seeing that most advice is based on hanging and putting all the clothes we can, but we must make an exception with the sweaters; These should be folded so as not to damage your tissue and not lose their shape.

Use the same hangers

If your closet organization is based on hangers, try to make them all the same. Not only will the visual aspect be better, but you make sure that each garment has the same spacing.

A place for everything

If possible, if our available space allows us, try that each type of garment has a place for it. Pants on one side, shirts on the other, shoes on another one …

That all garments carry the same address

You have to hang your clothes in such a way that they all follow the same direction so that the closet has a better visual appearance and also to make it easier to find any set.

Heels up, flat shoes down

If you have an organization system for bookshelf shoes, you should place the shoes that you use the most, which are usually the flat ones, below, and the ones that are less used, the heels, above. This will make it easier for you to take daily the ones you use most.

Everything hung and organized

There is no reason to leave scarves, pendants, belts, and other accessories without hanging and organizing. They will be much easier to find later.

Use cubes

If our space allows us, a system of hubs is a great way to have all those “little things” well organized: bags, shoes, scarves, etc.

Do not use the corners

The corners are the darkest parts of the closet, everything that is stored in them; it seems that then it costs us more to use it. The edges of the cabinets for the only thing they serve are to hide clothes, therefore, to store something in them, which are garments or accessories that we almost do not use or that do not fit in another place.

Jeans hung

Most of us keep the jeans folded tightly on a shelf in the closet but, if we hang them, they will not have annoying folds later and also, it will be easier to find them if we organize them by color, for example.

Good lighting

Having a large dressing room and not being well lit is a crime. A dress has to be bright to see the clothes in their correct color. If there is no natural lighting, we must add some extra lights to compensate for that lack.

Shoes, first the right and then the left

Maybe you didn’t know, but if you put on the shoes, first the right one and then the left one, they will fit more, especially if the shoes are bulky.

Add bar

If space allows it, another right way to take advantage of it is to add the bar to hang more clothes.

Keep dust at bay

If you have so many shoes or accessories that you could wear a different one every day of the year, it means that many of them have been accumulating dust for a long time. Put them in transparent boxes to protect them.

Weekly closet cleaning

If you clean the house thoroughly once a week, you should not forget the closet, because dust mites can become your best tenants.

Bags on hooks

If you are lucky enough to have space even for your pockets, in your closet or closet, these should be on hooks. They are easy to catch and are always in sight.

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