Vintage decor ideas inspired by grandmother homes

A grandmother is always going to recommend the best. Even when we talk about decoration. If you want to give a vintage air to your home takes a good note of what she had in her time in yours. Remember that everything comes back and things that you saw many years ago between the four walls of your house and that you were outdated are now again fashionable. We bring you several ideas that you could rescue from your grandmother’s house and that would certainly give a very special touch to your rooms.

Vintage decor
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Crocheted carpets

The crochet doilies have always been at any table virtually any grandmother. They have served as table roads or we have seen them under vases, picture frames, coffee cups, etc. Recover those from your grandmother, if you still have them, or get yourself some new ones to give your house that vintage touch. And if you do not feel like knitting or do not find the originals, you can always use paper lace. The effect is similar and does not give so much work …

Flower wallpaper

Does not this type of wallpaper with floral print remind you of the one we’ve seen at Grandma’s house? Even in the kitchen! Do not hesitate to use it again if you want to give a vintage look to your home. Maybe you can give it a less recharged style than before, which was used on all walls, and use it only in one, leaving the rest of a color soft for contrast but not saturated.

Vintage decor
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Vintage beds

Another idea is to place beds with a marked vintage style, such as old wrought iron beds, or commas with canopy, something that was used in the past but now you can go back to fashion, especially if you want to give a romantic touch to the bedroom.

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Colorful tiles in the bathroom

The bathrooms with colored tiles were a trend in the 40’s. You can make them trendy again, although I would almost recommend you use them more gently than in the past, when you could see pink tiles, for example, and even toilets … If you like it, go ahead, if you find it excessive you can always choose to put half the wall in one color and the other white. And the toilets are also white …

Vintage decor
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Vintage tableware at a glance

Another idea that I love to give your house a vintage air typical of the homes of our grandmothers is to leave the tableware in sight in pretty wooden cupboards. Of course, crockery must also conform to this style, that is why it will be wonderful those pieces that have floral prints, for example, or those that are all white, as in the photograph on the right.

Dishes on the walls

Another idea rescued from the grandmother’s house is to hang ceramic plates on the walls of the room, for example. As I said before with the dishes, if they are with floral patterns or drawings, the better.

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