DIY: Clock decorated with washi tape

The washi tape is a tape of colors and prints that has many decorative uses. It is very easy to use since it is cut with the fingers and if you want to take off it leaves no mark. Also, you can find all kinds of designs and prints, and more or less wide strips, so customization is total when you use it. Today we will see how you can make a fun clock helping washi tape. The idea is the blog Unleash Creative and is very simple to perform. Let’s work!

DIY: Homemade snow ball

Christmas is coming. There is still enough but the streets and storefronts are beginning to adorn themselves to receive it. If you want to start thinking about decorating your house I propose a simple and beautiful craft; It allows a degree of customization you can create a single motif and fully adapted to your tastes and style of your home.

It is making a ball home snow, the kind that you shake and fall flakes in the mini landscape created inside. But now you will be you who choose the elements on going to snow and type of container that will host. That does not have to be necessarily shaped ball … I’ll explain everything then.

DIY Geometric Shelves

The craft that we will learn to do today is very decorative and at the same time will help maintain order in every corner where you decide to place it. This is a DIY to create a geometric shelf, in this case have a hexagon and triangle, you can only do one of these forms, or combine both, or make them square … As you like! Here we leave you with guidelines that give us blog and then customize sure you get to create your own decor. We started!

2 DIY to decorate and order back to school

They have already started classes and backpacks are loaded with cases and pencils. Surely you have conditioned a place dedicated to the study at home but just in case you need some extra thought, today I want to show you two crafts really cool to decorate your home and also maintain order in that space where your kids get to do your homework. If you created your desk with retro style you can not miss these new DIY today. Let’s do it!

Wall hooks

We started with an idea of the blog Design Improvised which I loved because it is very practical and at the same time, very decorative. It is custom wall hooks that you can create for your children hang on them their equipment , clothing or any accessory that needs to be ordered.

DIY: Wooden shelf and ropes

Today I intend to put to work to create your own shelf fully customized. A structure with several shelves, as you want and the size you prefer, for which only need a rope and wood. It is perfect to decorate Nordic environments and vintage, giving a touch very cool to stay thanks to the use of wood and texture of the rope. I bring several proposals to take inspiration, but first let the creative process…

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