Rustic wood background and Modern Decor Ideas Together

Rustic wood background

Rustic wood background and Modern Decor Ideas Together

Definitely trendy, highly appreciated by interior designers and by those who are looking for a seductive mix between modernity. And a return to the origins, to the essence of nature … we are of course talking about modern rustic style furniture to go and show you how to best organize it.

Merging the rustic wood background and modern style together will mean creating a careful balance of the essence of these two furnishing trends. Creating a welcoming and elegant environment where nothing is left to chance.

The basic idea is to insert rustic elements, such as tables, sideboards. Or accessories, within a space with a minimal character, which is therefore modern and at the same time essential and linear. The result will be the creation of truly unique living spaces in which to use natural materials. And fabrics such as wool or hemp, combining them with modern discoveries such as Corian.

What we will do is go and show you how to perfectly furnish a house in a modern rustic style. And we will do it by presenting you as many as 30 design ideas that you can inspire yourself.

Modern rustic entrance

Naturally, let’s start accutane with the entrance, which is the real business card of a home that must be functional and appealing from a purely aesthetic point of view. Here you can use wood as a material for benches and furniture, perhaps in combination with modern processes.

Modern rustic living roomRustic wood background

Let’s move now to the beating heart of the house, that is to the living area where the meeting between rustic and modern will be visible in the choice of particular furnishing elements. Such as tables and fabrics, or creating a sort of contrast between furnishings and wall coverings to be made in wood, brick, or stone.

Modern rustic kitchen

All the practicality and functionality of modern technologies combined with the natural and material suggestion of wood … a modern rustic kitchen will present a contemporary design that can be further enhanced, for example, by inserting an integrated solid wood table.

Modern rustic dining room

A convivial space dedicated to the family where you can sit comfortably during lunches and dinners, here are some suggestive solutions for the furnishing of a modern rustic dining room that will see the combination of particular chairs and tables in natural wood.