Roof terrace: tips for living it day and night

Roof terrace: tips for living it day and night

How to make the most of the roof terrace? How to make this space livable and welcoming? Ideas to fully enjoy it both day and night. Let yourself be intrigued by the charm of our fascinating proposals.

Summer, the season of being outdoors as much as possible, where in the morning we love to let ourselves be caressed by the sun and in the evening enjoy the view of a starry sky. Is there a better place than the terrace to enjoy all of this?

A terrace is a place between heaven and earth, which is well managed. And equipped can give added value to our home. In this article, we present the solutions to improve the livability of these spaces. Tips and ideas to equip it with the right structures and furnish it according to the use we want to make of it.

The terrace: living above the house

The terrace is the enclosed roof of a building with parapets. We often speak of the terrace as a belvedere. If we are in a panoramic position on the landscape or on the roofs of a city. Depending on the use we make of it, it can become a solarium , used for sun exposure and body care. Finally, a garden , called hanging, is dedicated to hosting potted plants or even small flower beds for vegetation.

In the process of making it a useful space to add to those that the house offers us. It is good to consider what are the limits that the law defines regarding the structures that can be installed.

Covering a terrace: permanent or light structure tips for

Do you have a roof terrace and want to make it livable for renewed family needs? Are you buying a house with a terrace included and you want to know how it will be usable? Probably the first thing that comes to mind is to cover it. Otherwise, it seems useless to make it livable as it is subject to the moods of bad weather.

Well, consider that it is a space that is born open. And covering it with stable structures, verandas, and canopies means increasing the square footage of the building. As well as that of one’s own possession. In such cases, a real building permit from the Municipality is required, following the specific regulations of the institution and obtaining a building permit.

By opting for so-called light solutions, such as the new pergolide, we are in the field of free installation, therefore we avoid requests for authorizations if not the condominium one. Also, consider the area in which you live as it could be subject to landscape restrictions . However, everything can be done, the important thing is to start on the right foot.

Terrazza: the light to enjoy it even at night

In the choice of suitable lighting, the use we want to make of this open space plays a great role. The placement of the lights must be studied for the interiors , giving greater intensity to the areas dedicated to reading , preparing or eating meals, to become softer if used for relaxation .

Considering that it is an open space , the diffusion of the light beam must be well studied, as it could disturb the neighborhood. Wall lamps tend to illuminate surfaces downwards and are therefore well suited for this use.

To illuminate the perimeter of the terrace, opt for lampposts, which give a diffused light, while to highlight parts of the environment, floor spotlights should be chosen. Clearly any solution with materials suitable for outdoor use.

Terrace: furniture for outdoor relaxation

If you love the rustic style or the elegance of the zen style you will be captivated every time. Definitely choose the wood for the seats, evaluating between the exotic teak. The stability of solid acacia or the yellow-brown color of iroko for a living room outdoors.

Resistant to the sun’s rays and very cold temperatures, sofas with a wicker structure, ductile and light or in rattan, with woven surfaces, also available in a synthetic version. Coordinated with colored fabrics, interlacing in splendid macramé and strings of lamps hanging on the head. The perfect choices to characterize the terrace with a bo-ho style.

For a more economical solution, furniture of adapted wooden pallets, for a pallet sofa complete with a central table, made comfortable thanks to the water-repellent cushions with dry fast form padding.

All to be combined with planters and vases in combination for the green note. They complete practical floating floors, such as platforms in wood or similar materials, functional to foot traffic in the daytime and enchanting if expertly lit.

Nature on the terrace: how to choose the right plants

Cover the entire surface of the terrace with an ornamental lawn and plants of various characteristics and you will have a roof garden. A completely green space , which must respect the structural characteristics in terms of portability of the floor .

Large and small planters, circular and cylindrical pots for small corners. And rectangular and deep ones to enclose the perimeter or to use as dividers . Colors and materials according to the design you prefer, from metal to wood, from resin to reconstructed stone

Prefer resistant plants that adapt to live in pots in the intense summer heat, cold, and winter rains. For the green all year round, the mountain pine, a shrub with a Mediterranean flavor also with medicinal qualities, or the dwarf juniper, with its unmistakable gray-green color. The heather gives a beautiful autumn flowering and the petunias that do not need great care to give color with resistant flowers .

Among the succulent plants , also to be placed in low pots covered with gravel or pebbles, cacti , aloe vera and agave for those who love these plants with a tender heart and a decisive appearance.