Aubergine kitchen wall colors: combinations and ideas for all tastes

Aubergine kitchen wall colors: combinations and ideas for all tastes

Intense and penetrating, the aubergine purple color is perfect for kitchen walls. Here are the best combinations for every style of furniture, with many ideas to fully enhance the beating heart of the home.

Paint the kitchen inspired by a beloved vegetable. This is the case of the aubergine color, frequently chosen for the kitchen walls because of its intensity and. At the same time, for its ability to be extremely relaxing for the eye as well as versatile .

Contrary to what one might think, in fact, the aubergine-colored walls satisfy many different needs. They adapt to many styles of furniture, from classic to contemporary. And the variety of combinations they lend themselves to is very wide.

The secret is to study the best combinations and, above all, not to darken the environment too much. In fact, eggplant-colored walls can be overkill for a small kitchen. In this case, it is better to play cunning and choose only one wall in this shade.

This is just one of the ideas that can be inspired to make the most of the kitchen with the aubergine walls. Let’s find out more.

Aubergine color for the kitchen walls: why choose it

The eggplant color is a particular shade of purple, generally a dark purple, which is inspired by the species of vegetable from which it takes its name. Although it is a dark color, it is not demanding.

Everything is in balancing light and shadow , combining shades in the same color or brighter and more subdued on the aubergine walls.

By doing so, the kitchen environment will not be penalized but enhanced. Unlike other shades of purple – just think, for example, of amethyst purple – the aubergine color for the walls is quite versatile if treated with the right precautions.

It can be easily combined with different styles of furniture, from classic to modern. It is pleasing to the eye and hardly tired or bored. Like all shades of purple, it is also relaxing and instills calm and tranquility. One more reason to choose the aubergine color to paint the walls of the kitchen, an area of ​​the house where you usually spend a lot of time.

The best combinations

There are so many combinations to which the aubergine color lends itself. The best of the combinations is the one with white, in all its shades. Optical white is the ideal choice for a modern and contemporary kitchen, while off-white, ivory. And cream is more suitable for classic-style furniture with a traditional feel.

The eggplant color also goes very well with brown and, consequently, with all shades of wood. Greenlight also to tone-on-tone combinations: combining aubergine with other shades of purple is an excellent idea to create a sophisticated and particular environment.

If you like to dare and think that the kitchen is the right place to play and experiment with colors. Try combining the aubergine color of the walls or furnishing elements in contrasting shades , from yellow to green.

Aubergine kitchen wall color: 5 ideas to take inspiration from

Let’s take a look at some ideas and different ideas to enhance the kitchen with eggplant-colored walls. As we have already pointed out, this shade of purple – albeit apparently demanding – is rather flexible, able to adapt to different needs and various styles of furniture.

Mixing colors and materials allow you to customize the kitchen environment and satisfy all tastes.

Eggplant and white for the modern style

The aubergine and white cuisine is very trendy and represents one of the most popular choices among admirers of modern and contemporary style.

Pair dark aubergine walls with white kitchen cabinets. Prefer a kitchen with a linear, almost geometric structure. And insert contemporary furnishing elements such as steel stools and chromed appliances.

With wood for a cozy atmosphere

The aubergine color goes well with wood, in all its essence. In particular, the warm-colored wood is what manages to soften and soften the aubergine, making the atmosphere warmer and more welcoming.

If you prefer a more classic or modern kitchen but at the same time not too eccentric, this is the most suitable option for you.

With contrasting colors for a lively atmosphere

The aubergine purple of the kitchen walls reveals its more playful and sparkling side when combined with contrasting shades. Green , for example, goes very well with aubergine color.

Choose it to enhance the kitchen with a few touches of color scattered here and there or, if the kitchen is not very large, use the aubergine for only one wall (preferably the one behind the hob). Painting the remaining walls with a beautiful bright shade of green will embellish the environment and make it unique.

With matching kitchen furniture

If the aubergine color has completely conquered you, give in to temptation and opt for a kitchen in the palette. Aubergine-colored furniture can be combined with walls of the same shade. The whole will be harmonious and, if wisely cared for in detail, you will not risk darkening the environment too much.

Obviously, it is preferable to avoid this type of solution if the kitchen is very small or poorly lit. Generally speaking, it is recommended to balance the dark tones of the aubergine with light elements, such as a kitchen counter in white marble for example.

Aubergine purple tiles, a trendy alternative

The aubergine color for the kitchen walls is apasse-partout, but classic painting is not the only option  For an original kitchen, tile the walls in aubergine.

Tiling the kitchen entirely can be overwhelming and redundant, but a single wall and details can make a difference.