Italian Interior Design Styles and Ideas to Make Your House Cozy

Italy and design are synonyms. In the world of creative design, being an industrial, artistic, or modern design, everyone concentrates in Italy to seek inspiration. Since Roman times, the Italian interior design was the center of all kinds of objects. Make a simple test. Decorate the home of residence of different people with Italian style, and you will undoubtedly get many interpretations of each of them, but none will remain indifferent.

Italian interior design ideas

There are parts of the country, such as Tuscany and Venice, where the tradition is deeper and the characteristics of the decoration are more famous, but these are only themes of the region. Outside this region, extravagant ideas of neoclassical designs are very common interpretations of Italian decoration, as it is something that must be preserved in history.

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Modern Italians are prepared to improve the appearance and functionality of their living space since, after the problems of World War II, the fascination of Italians for creativity began to decline and now they can start over. Let’s have a look at 10 Italian interior design ideas and styles:

Italian decoration is the only one leading in the Renaissance. This was the Renaissance of creativity in a world led by designers with strange traditions of artisans. For clarity, it is important for you to remember that there is a difference between design and decoration. Remember that always the decorator, professional or not, work with the design of the objects that are already there.

The accessories and objects to meet the demands of your lifestyle and also add familiar objects such as pictures to feel more comfortable and safe. If comfort means efficiency and pleasure to you, design your home with varnished desks, glass cups, a terracotta floor and it will look good as an Italian decoration.

The elements

It is not a style that to achieve it, you must follow certain fixed guidelines. There are certain characteristics of the style. The essential thing has to do with the environment that you create with The elements. Also, it is a very simple and simple style to achieve. You will not need much money or time to achieve it. Always, the ideal will be to create a familiar and cozy atmosphere for this decoration, since that is the most important for this style. And it is characterized by being discreet, traditional and beautiful, but it is also characterized by great spaciousness and great natural lighting through the windows.

In this Italian interior design, follow the tones, which are the most used:

  • Cream
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Mud color
  • Fiorentino green
  • Beige

This is because soft and warm colors are the most appropriate for this decoration, creating a warm, cozy and pleasant space. But when we talk about the materials, the most recommended are:

  • Natural stone
  • Tiles
  • Metal

Using natural stone is used for walls, and even for internal courtyards. Metal is generally used in counterfeit items, such as chairs (on the back and legs, since the headboard can be painted in another color).

With a typical Italian decoration dining room, this should be like the following. A dining room can not miss a table large enough for all family members to meet and have lunch in the dining room. The most advisable, if you want to follow this style to the letter, is to cover this table with a delicate tablecloth of “toile” or lace, and it can even be a red one with white lines (or it can also be blue or green with white lines). If you do not have a spacious place, there are no problems, since you can opt for an extendable table.

Large windows

And you can never miss large windows that naturally illuminate the entire room. Still, if you do not have very large windows or live in a small place, there is always a way to solve it. You can opt for artificial light, but be careful now that this should reproduce in the best way a natural light, either with warm lighting, candles, candlesticks. Never direct spotlights, nor a light too bright. In this room (and in the living room too), the curtains should be in tune with the color palette chosen for this style of decoration, an ideal color for the curtains would be a beige or a similar shade. Certain decorative elements cannot be missing, such as a tapestry with a traditional motif (either a landscape), or with a drawing of a vineyard or a farm.

The kitchen design

As for the kitchen, it is highly recommended to use wrought iron artifacts as it is a typical element of this decoration. The choice of earth, beige and soft colors is important for this style in kitchen decoration since although they are the characteristic colors of this style, that are present in the kitchen is of the utmost importance since they give that characteristic touch of this decoration. They cannot be missing. We cannot ignore the characteristic elements. Whether brick and wood for floors or countertops, as the use of lighting are also essential, trying to avoid bright lights as much as possible, it will always be a better option to choose those with the metallic finish color. Another element to consider in decorating the kitchen, are the accessories, such as

  • Pitchers
  • Ceramic bowls
  • Painted wooden vessels

These accessories are generally used in the decoration of Italian kitchens, to give that Italian touch to the room. As for the Italian-style room, you remember that warm colors are of the utmost importance. Beds, benches, armchairs and lamps should be open plan and simple lines.

When we talk about furniture, classic furniture predominates, with curved lines, metal and rustic wood. But these are not the only ones since they can also be the furniture painted in light tones, and even with some fine satin fabric. The antique furniture is very important for this decoration. It is very easy to get them since you can go to an antique store or a second-hand store. If you have a little money or the idea does not convince you. Do not worry because you can age your furniture your way without problems.

The key to a natural look

Another essential element of this decoration that we cannot forget is the natural appearance. It is very important that if you decorate your home in the Italian style, you can not miss herbs and plants in pots, or also another idea would be to place branches of herbs in bottles filled with olive oil.

Therefore, if you are a person who likes Italian tradition and its particular decoration, then this will be the right style for you to decorate your home. One of the most beautiful benefits with this decoration is that you are thinking about the family, since it is large, bright spaces, with a large dining table, thus generating a very comfortable and cozy family atmosphere. Also, this style, when creating such a pleasant atmosphere, is a perfect style for when we need to rest and spend some time in tranquility.

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