Discover 7 Glam Living Room

Discover 7 Glam Living Room

The glamorous style is very elegant and at the same time has a lot going for it. That is why many homeowners are afraid to use it indoors. But is there anything to worry about? It turns out that fear can be exaggerated, and glamor in home interior design is not as difficult as it seems. Do you dream of a glamorous living room? Create it! We have prepared a few inspirations to help you. You can reproduce one of the ideas or use it as the basis for a fascinating interior.

A glamorous living room: how is it different from other designs?

A glamorous living room reflects stylish elegance: this is how such an interior could be described in a few words. Rooms of this type use bright colors, bright accessories, and lots of decorations. A glamorous living room often uses large upholstered furniture, which makes the interior much cozier.

Although a Hollywood glam salon is often associated with wealth, current trends push aside the idea of ​​an abundance of accessories. Those that appear in the interior do not have to be expensive, it is enough that they make us think of luxury. Sometimes a single item can enrich the entire room.

A glamorous living room is unique among other designs, sometimes mediocre, thanks to good and intense lighting. It is even more important if the interior contains glass and silver elements, which reflect light. In this case, a very interesting effect can be achieved with little effort.

Recommended Colors

The basic colors of a glamorous salon are bright. White is the base, in this case, and it always works, regardless of whether you are designing a small or large interior. Aside from the obvious white, the room can also use pastel colors like:

  • beige,
  • crude,
  • ivory.

Glamorous and daring salon designs also use dusty pink, taupe or blue. The interiors also use black, silver, and gold accessories. They usually work as a finish and perfectly complement the entire design, providing great elegance.

What materials are used in these interiors?

A glamorous living room can grow in appearance if the right textures are used . Glass is one of the essential elements, in this case. It can appear in the following elements:

  • lamps,
  • coffee tables,
  • furniture glass panels,
  • transparent vases for flowers,
  • wall decorations.

Wood is another important material as it looks exceptionally elegant. A glamorous living room often uses very bright exotic wood types. They are, for example, bamboo, guatambu, or hevea. They are perfect, especially for floors. These woods are very hard, resistant to damage and humidity, which is what predominates in many houses and apartments. As for the furniture, native wood species are used, for example:

  • ash,
  • maple,
  • Pine tree,
  • elm.

The fabrics used in upholstered furniture are also significant elements of a glamorous room. In this sense, quilted fabrics or velvet are good options. Its use adds even more elegance to the interior. You can use similar materials for the living room curtains. Thanks to it, the interior will have a consistent look.

How to design a small and glamorous living room?

Many believe that a large interior is needed to design a glamorous and attractive living room. But in fact, a small glamorous living room is a common choice today, especially since many homeowners live in apartments with limited space, but refuse to compromise on their interior design preferences.

A small and glamorous living room should be designed with bright colors. It also has to be well lit, so that the room appears larger. We definitely do not recommend any kind of unnecessary decoration that would only take up space. A decorative lamp is preferable to figurines on furniture. Furniture pieces need to be smaller due to limited space. However, this does not mean that you cannot add an upholstered sofa. It will look great on a slightly reduced scale.

A modern glam room, but not minimalist

Although glam living room ideas borrow a lot from the modern style and often use simple shapes, it definitely can’t be called minimalist, keep that in mind. The extravagance of the materials used and the decorations clearly suggest this.

However, a modern and glamorous living room uses a smaller number of various accessories. It’s also more modestly furnished, which doesn’t mean it looks any worse. Following the famous rule: Sometimes less is more.

A glamorous beige living room: a classy elegance

Beige is a very universal color , which can be used in many styles and interiors. It also looks great in a glamorous room. It is a perfect base, which can be complemented with any accessory. Combining it with white and gold is a great idea: in this way, a glamorous living room is elegant and, at the same time, “warm”. If you don’t like gold, you can use silver with just as good results.


Beige in a glamorous room can also be combined with slightly darker accessories. Although black is not the best option, in this case, colors like dark brown and taupe are perfect.

A glamorous living room with shades of pink

A light shade of pink, for example, dusty pink, is very subtle, elegant, and at the same time not too obvious. It works great in designs like a glamorous lounge. It offers you many possibilities since it can be combined with many colors, both light, and dark.

But using this interesting color does not mean that your entire room has to be pink. Ecru combined with dusty pink and copper looks fantastic. You can also choose shades of grey, pink, and crystal elements.

Glamorous decoration of the living room with gold

Gold is an essential element of glamorous style. Not only is it very elegant, but it also shines brightly, which is also a characteristic feature of a living room in this style. Also, although gold is an unusual shade, it works perfectly in various elements of the design.

The following elements offer a beautiful look:

  • gold finish lamps,
  • glass coffee tables with a gold base,
  • golden photo frames,
  • gold furniture handles

Gold in the glamorous style can also appear in less obvious decorations. For example, you can use gold curtains or cushions that you put on the sofa. There are many possibilities: only you can decide the final look of the interior.

A glamorous living room with a bit of black

Although dark colors like black are more suitable for Art Deco designs than for glamour, you can use some accessories in this tone. Just make sure dark colors don’t dominate the interior.

Dark furniture will not work, in this case. But you can hang a picture with black elements on the wall, use a black tablecloth or even curtains. Interestingly, you can substitute black for similar colors. You can use graphite or charcoal gray instead. In this way, your glam room will have an original look.

A glamorous living room with a bit of black

A glamorous living room does not only use delicate and conservative colors. If you are not afraid of interesting combinations and want to achieve fascinating effects, consider using blue. It can be a delicate blue, turquoise, or steel blue. Of course, make sure not to combine several shades of blue in the same interior.

Although the blue in glamorous designs is not as obvious as other colors, you can combine it with many elements characteristic of this style. It goes very well with:

  • gold,
  • silver,
  • copper.

The turquoise or dark blue look is great with white and glass elements. So that the interior is not too dark, good lighting is needed.