Ideas to decorate the dining room at Christmas

There is still a lot of time to celebrate Christmas but I want to give you small brushstrokes as practical ideas so that you do not spend your time on top and you can prepare the best decoration for those special days.

Today I want to focus on the dining room. It is the stay of the house we frequent most during Christmas, since it becomes the meeting point and family reunion and among friends, especially around the table where you can enjoy rich and hearty feasts. Therefore, we will decorate it in an incredible way so that all your guests feel at home. There are many possibilities. Let’s see some!

Christmas Dining Decor
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A minimalist dining room

Let’s start with a simple idea for those people who do not like an overly ornate decoration. A minimalist Christmas is possible. In fact, it has a special charm. Although this, of course, is a matter of taste … In this case I propose a simple Christmas tree; It can be made with some branches, for example. You can also place small details like the ones we see in these examples.

The dining room table

If the dining room is the room that most visits will receive at Christmas, the table will be the focal point of the room. The space in which we will spend more time enjoying meals, dinners and many good times. So let’s dress her up for the occasion. You can choose classic colors such as red and green, for example, or get ornaments of other colors to surprise. You cannot miss some candles, some balls and some dry pine cones if you want to give that special Christmas touch. Choose a special tablecloth in the same shades or smooth in neutral colors, so that they contrast a lot the details that you place on top.

Christmas Dining Decor
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White decoration for the dining room

Surely, you already know that I love Nordic decoration. Also at Christmas. Therefore, another idea that I propose is to decorate the dining room with a Scandinavian style, in which prime white and wood and where you enter some details in other vivid colors to highlight. I find a very serene decoration, very winter and cozy.

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Details that make a difference

If something I like about Christmas decoration is the amount of special details with which you can dress the rooms. In the dining room, I encourage you to introduce elements that make the difference. Maybe you do not want to do without the balls, but you have very original options with which you can play. You can design beautiful centerpieces with candles and flowers, place a star on one of the walls or on the table or also design a very original Christmas tree.

Christmas Dining Decor
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A Christmas corner

You have put the tree (minimalist or huge with colored balls, as you like). You have decorated the table. Your room is ready. But I invite you to give a final touch decorating a corner of the room in a special way. You can place, for example, a wooden nacelle with some candles and white balls, or a Christmas plant surrounded by pineapples, some stars … A corner that adds that cozy touch to your stay.

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