Names of plants and flowers that you should know

Names of plants and flowers that you should know

With or without flowers, for very bright or dimly lit corners, with little maintenance… Here you have 50 names of indoor and outdoor plants with some notions of their care.

One of the most common mistakes when choosing a house plant is to be guided by its aesthetics. “I like it, I’ll take it.” And this is the chronicle of a disaster foretold. Plants are living beings, and each of the different species and varieties has different needs for light, water, or environmental conditions. Therefore, knowing what the names of the most popular plants are is essential so that you can find out what their care and needs are.

Likewise, it will help you, when buying an indoor or outdoor plant, to explain to the professional who attends to you what you can offer: you have a lot of or little light at home, you can dedicate time to it or not… And depending on what you can offer, choose between several proposals, then yes, the one you like.

We offer you a list of flowers and plants with their names that can serve as a guide to think about the varieties that can best fit into your home:


The tuberose (whose scientific name is  Polianthes tuberosa ) is a bulbous plant with white or pink flowers, with an intense and pleasant aroma. It is a very easy plant to care for and the ideal time to grow it is in spring, when the geladas and the cold have ended. They require moderate watering but without flooding. In fact, they tolerate dry times better.


The agapanthus ( Agapanthus ), also known as the African lily, is a plant with a very showy and resistant flower. They are grown in spring, so they will offer flowers throughout the summer and until autumn begins. It needs a location in the sun, although it also tolerates semi-shade areas. It needs a lot of water from the time it is planted and during flowering.

Chinese Money Plant

The Pilea peperomioides has become a star of social networks. It is also known as ‘missionary plant’ or ‘Swedish ivy’. It is a plant that loves shady, cool, and humid environments. It is also very resistant and its care is very simple. As for irrigation, the ideal is to wait for the substrate to dry between irrigations.

Alabaster Rose

The alabaster rose, whose scientific name is  Echeveria Elegans, is one of the most popular succulents due to its great beauty. This is due to its star-shaped flower. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although protected from frost and intense cold. It is a plant that is very sensitive to watering, so it is better to be moderate and wait for the substrate to dry between waterings. Put it in a sunny location where it gets at least four hours of direct sun a day.


Petunias are trumpet-shaped flowering plants with many colors, capable of brightening up gardens and terraces. To grow leafy and that it can show off a splendid flowering, it must be located in an area with a lot of sun (where they receive at least between 4 and 5 hours). It is a species that needs a lot of water, as well as good drainage that does not retain water and prevents waterlogging.

Brazil Log Or Water Stick

The trunk of Brazil or water wood ( Dracena Fragans ) is characteristic for the different shades of green of its leaves, with a lanceolate shape. It is an indoor plant that needs an environment with a stable temperature between 15 and 25 ºC. It also needs natural light but without direct sun. To give it the moisture it needs, spray its leaves a couple of times a week. You have to keep a moist substrate, but without flooding it.

Money Plant

The money plant ( Plectranthus verticillatus ) is a very appreciative and easy-care species. The most characteristic is its fleshy, oval-shaped leaves. In them, their jagged edges and green and yellow color also stand out. It is a very easy plant to care for: it needs large doses of sun, albeit indirect so that its leaves do not burn. The idea is to keep it at a temperature of 20 ºC and it does not need much watering. You can water it once a week in summer and in winter space the waterings every fifteen days.


Bougainvillea is an outdoor plant with spectacular flowering and that is widely used to decorate facades and fences since it is a climber. It blooms during the summer and can offer white, pink, purple, red, orange, or yellow flowers. They do very well in temperate climates, although they also withstand temperatures below zero. It has few needs and does well on rustic floors. It also needs large doses of light.


The wisteria or wisteria ( Wisteria ) is an outdoor climbing plant with very showy flowers. It is a plant that grows very fast and with very showy flowers, purple or mauve. It does equally well in full sun or semi-shade locations, though it needs at least 4 hours of direct light per day. It also needs regular watering, always avoiding waterlogging. As for the temperature, it is not fussy, as it can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.