How to Take Care of Strawberry Plants in Your Garden? Step by Step

how to take care of strawberry plants

How to Take Care of Strawberry Plants in Your Garden? Step by Step

Planting strawberries in the home garden or the garden is a very good option to be able to enjoy this rich fruit that adults and children love. It is a plant that can be sown in pots or directly on the ground, so it will adapt to any space. It is not difficult to grow them, although it is necessary to carry out a series of basic care so that strawberry plants grow healthy and strong. Therefore, in this article we want to explain how to take care of strawberry plants.

How to take care of strawberry plants?

To be able to enjoy strawberries at home or in the garden, the first thing you should do is plant them, either through seeds or seedlings. You can also choose between putting them in pots or placing them directly on the floor, as you prefer. If you want to know more details about the planting process, see our article on how to plant strawberries.

how to take care of strawberry plants

Step 1

One of the most important points of the care of strawberry plants will be the irrigation since you must ensure that they receive water constantly but without getting to water them. Otherwise, the roots of strawberries will rot, and the plant will die drowned.

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Step 2

In this way, we recommend using drip irrigation if you have a considerable area with strawberry plants, or water them frequently but with a small amount of water. If you have strawberries in pots, it will be essential to have a drainage system to evacuate excess water and avoid rot.

Step 3

As for the fertilizer for strawberries, we suggest you frequently use an organic fertilizer such as manure. In this way, you will make your plants grow stronger and healthier.

Step 4

It is also necessary to prevent strawberries from touching the ground to prevent them from rotting due to soil moisture or the fruits being attacked by insects and other animals. In this way, it will be necessary to mount some system so that they are hanging and do not rest on the substrate.

Final step

During winter or the cold months, it will be important to protect and care for strawberries from frost so that they do not spoil, although it is a very resistant plant. If you do not have them indoors or in a greenhouse, you can choose to cover the plants with straw. It is also possible to use a straw to prevent strawberries from resting on the ground.

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