How To Equip The Dining Room?

How To Equip The Dining Room?

How To Equip The Dining Room?

Often instead of a dining room make an office or an extra guest room, believing that in the living room the dining table will fit. Is it correct? First, even a small, but a separate dining room at times raises the cost of the house. Secondly, it’s not good to eat next to the sofas. Do not be afraid of the status of the room. It can be made very cozy.

Choosing a place for a dining room

How to choose a place for a dining room, where is it best to place it?

  • You can take out, reschedule the kitchen, and in the ten-meter room make a dining room. The kitchen is placed in a very narrow room – 1, 3 x 2 m. The cooking does not require an entire room.
  • In the living room, the dining room is equipped with an area of more than 35-40 m². To do this, you need to build a small conditional opening – narrow 10 cm projections in the walls and beams from above. It forms an alcove of a beautiful square or rectangular shape, into which a table is placed. The living room is fully visible.
  • The dining room can be located in the entrance room, the hall. Such premises are often in large four-, five-room apartments.

The dining room can be a breakfast room. This is a small room (from 8 m²), in which a sofa-canape and a roundtable are put. In it, you can drink morning tea, read or work.How To Equip The Dining Room?

Location in relation to the kitchen

The dining room should be located next to the kitchen. But try to make the kitchen only a cooking area. This is important in terms of aesthetics of food intake. Not the most pleasant sensation – to eat in the environment of dirty dishes.

If for some reason you cannot organize a passage from the kitchen to the dining room (for example, because of the bearing wall), you can make an internal window with an adjacent table top.

To accustom yourself to eat in the dining room, get a tray or a withdrawable table. Lunch is served on a tray. With it, you can quickly remove dirty dishes from the table. The table rolls into the kitchen and closes. This is especially convenient when receiving guests – you do not need to interrupt during a conversation, the landlady is not distracted by washing dishes.How To Equip The Dining Room?

Dimensions of the dining room

The style of the room will depend on its purpose. There are two options:

  • Official premises with outdoor clock, cupboards, chest of drawers, table for 20 people for the reception of guests.
  • An informal breakfast room with a small round table, a couple of armchairs, floorboards, a narrow sofa.

Large official dining rooms are arranged in homes ranging from 100 m². Usually, it is a spacious room with a wide or double door, a fireplace.

In ordinary urban apartments, the dining room is a small but pleasantly proportioned room. If the height of the ceilings is about 3 m and slightly exceeds the length of the walls, it is elongated upwards. Such premises are easy to equip, they are pleasant to be.How To Equip The Dining Room?

Selecting a table

For the dining room you can choose a table:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • Rectangular

If you need a small table, it is better to choose around than a square one. It holds the center of composition well, is more functional and convenient.How To Equip The Dining Room?

The rectangular shape is preferred when choosing a large traditional table. It is put, for example, to the fireplace.

Tables are recommended to choose a normal height – 70-75 cm. If there is no possibility to break a room into a dining room and a drawing room, it is better to put a small sofa on high legs and a normal table than a low journal one, behind which it is supposed to be.


Chairs and armchairs

The dining room should be comfortable. Popular plastic chairs are not really suitable for daily use. It is better to choose soft armchairs with armrests on high legs.

In addition, in the room, you can put a canapé or another small sofa. Just do not confuse a narrow canape on high legs with a thin back and neat armrests with small deep sofas. They are more suitable for the living room.

If two people live in the apartment and guests come rarely, there is no need to put on the table chairs that are not used. They can be used in a different way, and the table can only be attached if necessary.

The decoration of the dining room


When choosing, remember the following points:

  • In official dining rooms, rich, saturated colors are red, dark green, dark brown.
  • In a small room for breakfast, the walls of neutral colors look better – white, gray, light green.

In the dining room, warm natural shades are preferable. They improve appetite. If the dining room is one, it is better to choose a calmer range. Dark colors are suitable for evening receptions. They look advantageously with artificial lighting, but in daylight, they will look gloomy.

The interior is animated by a diverse, bright upholstery of seats. In a small room, you can collect a few warm and pleasant shades, for example, the color of natural wood, reddish, dark brown.How To Equip The Dining Room?


The fewer excess pieces of furniture, the more formal the situation is. And, conversely, in the informal rooms set additional chairs, shelves, cupboards, floor clocks, desks for writing letters, lamps.

Objects of the interior can be collected even from the flea market. But if you do everything correctly, the ensemble will look great.

Under the table, you need to put a carpet. It’s okay if it’s small, combining only the dining group.

If the room is clearly visible, bookshelves are appropriate in it. The table on their background always looks great.


Traditionally, a chandelier is placed over a table on a long cord. Another option is a table lamp. It can be put on the table or mounted on the countertop. The muffled light will create a cozy atmosphere.

It’s good if there are many light sources in the dining room. This is especially important in the evening. In addition to the central chandelier, you can install lamps, floor lamps with traditional yellow, red or burgundy lampshades.How To Equip The Dining Room?

Choice of style

The furnishings can be arranged in any style:

  • “A la pre-revolutionary apartment”;
  • A serious empire;
  • Quiet, restrained art deco ;
  • The Parisian classics;
  • For large rooms – a traditional English or French dining room.

It is not only the skills of the decorator that is important but also the competent selection of authentic things.

A new look at the living room

Removal of the dining room in a separate room or a zone unloads the living room well. If you remove the dining table, where you can put an additional chair group, small sofas or a rec room.

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If desired, for the dining room you can always find a place in the apartment, equip a comfortable and functional room.

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