The colors that best combine with mint green in walls and decoration

mint green

The colors that best combine with mint green in walls and decoration

One of the colors that has been liked the most in recent years has been mint green, or mint, as some call it.

When pastel tones entered their peak, 7 or 8 years ago, mint was leading this team. So it is not surprising that today there are many homes that have the walls painted in mint green in different rooms, or color accents with accessories in this fresh and relaxing color.

If you too dare and want to add mint green to your decoration, as with the rest of the colors, you also need to know what colors to combine it with, so that the general scene is harmonious. That is why I have prepared this article, where we are going to see the colors that best combine with mint green in walls and decoration .

Let’s see them.

White and Mint Green:  Naturally, as you can imagine, white had to be one of the best colors to go with mint green.

A decoration based on mint green and white is a fresh, relaxing, and bright decoration. If you opt for it, remember to add a warm element such as wood, vegetable fibers, or another warm color, such as an earth tone.

Let’s see more colors.

Black and mint green:

Being an achromatic color, like white, black also combines well with mint green, almost by obligation.

The resulting combination of these two colors, however, is very different from that of white. Without a doubt, if you decide on this combination, I highly recommend that you add the color black in small accents, and let the mint green dominate the space. This way you will be sure.

Yellow and mint green:

Leaving aside the neutrals, we also have other colors that combine with mint green, more striking and with more presence. Yellow is one of them. We can combine it on walls, or, as we see above these lines, in the Handmade in the Heartland bedroom, with accessories and complements.

It is curious because among the colors that best combine with yellow is not mint green, but vice versa.

That is, if the one that dominates the space is mint and yellow is added, it works well.

Coral and mint green:

The color in fashion, because Pantone says so, period. In fact, coral is a tone that has been around for a long time among the most used colors, but now it seems that it is at its best.

If you decide to combine coral and mint green, you can do it both on walls and accessories, and with less care when combining them than with other colors, since they usually combine very well.

Gray and mint green:

Gray is the last of the neutral tones that we see in this article of the colors that best combine with mint green. But it had to be on the list since it is one of them.

Being a neutral color, mint matches it perfectly.

Even so, mint green is a cold tone, and gray is a neutral tone, which does not express anything, so to the spaces decorated with this combination of colors, it is convenient to add some intermediate warm tone or warm materials such as wood.

Blue and Mint Green:

Blues are also part of the cool part of the color wheel. Also, mint green, or some at least, carry blue pigmentation. They are basically related, to put it simply. So, mint green and blue tones combine very well.

Pink and mint green: The pink tones, if they are better pastels, also combine with mint without a problem. A decoration based on mint green and pale pinks create a really charming soft atmosphere.

Lilac and mint green:

Light purple tones, such as lilac or violet tones, can also be combined with mint green on walls or decorative accessories.

The lighter the purple tones, like the ones in the Home by Heidi bedroom that we see above these lines, the better they will combine with mint. And the darker, the worse.

Beige and mint green:

Although beige is not a neutral color by definition, in practice, it acts as such, since it is a color that can be combined with almost any other. In fact, I couldn’t tell you a color that it wouldn’t match.

But it is one of the best colors to combine with mint, because mint green is a cold color, as I have already said, and beige, on the contrary, is a warm tone, and gives mint green what it lacks, thus balancing the chromatic palette and, therefore, the spaces that are painted with this combination.

Orange and mint green:

A refreshing and attractive combination that is capable of revitalizing the most gloomy spaces, especially if an intermediary of these two colors, a good dose of white is added.

That is, on an all-white decoration, adding mint and orange accents is practically the best option to combine them.

They can also be combined on walls, but they are two very powerful colors and we can saturate the space.

As I always say, there are many other colors that could be combined with mint green, but these that we have seen are undoubtedly the tones with which it best combines, and with which we can combine it the easiest.