Black ceiling in the interior of the living room

Black ceiling in the interior of the living room

Black color is not only one of the most popular, it is rightly considered mysterious, contradictory. If in some cultures it is customary to compare it with pain, anarchism. Others exalt it as a symbol of wisdom, experience, secret knowledge. In the interior, it is used to create contrasts, to emphasize the brightness, richness, and saturation of all shades of the rainbow. An original solution, a recent trend in the design world, was a black ceiling in the interior. Such a decision will allow you to stand out, demonstrate originality, show a new look at familiar things.

Where can I use the black ceiling?

Universality, the peace of black in the interior may not be suitable in every case. Often many make mistakes, trusting in a risky option. It is worth talking about the rules for using the presented design makeup. The first rule of such a bold decision as an interior with black ceilings is to abandon such an idea if the ceilings in the room are less than three meters. Due to the characteristics of this color, the space visually becomes an order of magnitude smaller. It is possible to achieve the opposite effect – the “pressure” of the walls in a room with limited space.

Windows, lighting fixtures play an important role in terms of choosing a black ceiling to create an interior room. If there are few of them in the bedroom, in another room, the black ceiling will create a completely different mood, which you originally wanted to achieve in the interior. The black color perfectly blends white, goes well with bright and rich shades, suitable for delicate and pastel colors.

Black ceiling with lighting in the interior Black ceiling in the interior of the room Living room design with black ceiling Living room with black ceiling Beautiful room design with black ceiling The black ceiling in the interior is often strained to decorate with spotlights, which is a mistake due to the dilution of light, the absorbing effect. The black ceiling will look best with a dimensional chandelier. It is important to know: lamps for this design should be purchased with more power.

The black ceiling in the interior of the living room should be beaten in the chosen style. It can be minimalism, high-tech, modern, military. If you design in a rustic, shabby chic, classic style – these design decisions in the interior will look quite inadequate. In order for rooms with such a solution as black ceilings and white walls to look more original, high-quality, experts recommend supplementing color with bright details and accessories.

In order for the black color to “consume” less space in the room, one trick is to decorate the room with moldings (use white), the color of the walls is also preferable to choose white: the visual space in the room will effectively increase, the color of the walls of the room will make it slightly higher visually.

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The use of black ceilings in different rooms

The black ceiling allows you to achieve a unique effect of rigor, elegance, officiality in the interior. This solution is great for creative, rather troubled creatures. With the right combination of shades, textures, textures, you can achieve a unique effect of depth, contrast within any room. Black color, like white, is quite versatile, great for arranging any room. But in any case, it has its own characteristics, subtleties.

Black bathroom and ceiling

Your day starts from this room and ends here. The main task in the interior of the bathroom is to create an atmosphere of calm, coziness, comfort. The black ceiling in combination with a dark tile, necessarily diluted with white, will be organic since the former will resist moisture, it will be easy to go through the cleaning procedure.

The black ceiling in the bedroom

The design of a bedroom with a black ceiling in terms of design is a complex project, the development of which should be approached responsibly, prepared in advance. A black stretch ceiling in the bedroom can give the room originality, elegance. And can spoil the whole impression if it is reckless to approach the solution of the problem. To feel comfortable in the bedroom with a black ceiling, you should give preference to the matte option. To give a special romance, it is recommended to design it in the style of the starry sky.

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Kitchen and dark stretch ceiling in the interior

If you decide to design a kitchen with a black stretch ceiling, then this option is quite appropriate. Beat it properly to help minimalist furniture. You should refrain from bright, voluminous, and catchy accessories. So as not to violate the general concept of the mood of the kitchen interior.

Living room and black ceiling

The living room should be designed in a way that draws attention but does not distract from spiritual conversation, reading, and other activities. Therefore, the black ceiling will be an excellent solution. The flight of the designer’s imagination in this case cannot be completely limited. Here all the options will be appropriate: from glossy to matte, from multi-level designs to minimalist solutions.

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Should I use a black ceiling in my home design?

The answer to the question posed above is far from familiar to professionals. If depth, the mystery of black appeals to you, there is no need to refuse such a decision. The black ceiling promises to remain in the trend for a long time because this option is suitable for lovers of frequent changes in their monastery, as well as for those who make repairs with the expectation of years to come.

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