Common Causes of Flooding in the Home

A flood in your home is not a nice thing to have to deal with, but it is important to know how to deal with it in case it should ever happen to you. Safety is important when dealing with flooding and knowing the risks as well as the correct way to clean it up is something that you should be aware of. As well as this it is handy to know the things that may cause flooding so that you can take action to protect against them and if possible, avoid them!

A common reason for flooding in the home is a prolonged period of wet weather as well as a shorter spell of very heavy rainfall. All around the UK people have suffered flooding in their homes during times of severe weather. The Met office will usually put a weather warning out at times like these, so it is a good idea to stay abreast of all the weather reports. Making sure that you have supplies such as sandbags is also a good idea as this can stop or delay the water getting into your home.

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Flooding can also be caused by drainage problems. If you suspect that you have a problem with the drains in your home, it is always best to call in an expert, such as this drain lining company Wilkinson Environmental who will be able to have a look and make the necessary repairs safely and correctly. When it comes to drains, it is best not to risk trying it yourself if you are not an expert, as you could make the problem worse, and professionals will have access to proper tools and equipment which will enable them to make sure they do a thorough job.

Another reason that homes can flood is leaving the taps on and the plug in. It is particularly important before going away on holiday that you check all of the taps are off. For extra security many people find it is best to turn the water off at the water isolation tap under the kitchen sink before going away from home. When running a bath or a sink full of water, always make sure that you don’t leave it unattended as it is easy to forget about it and the next thing you know the room has flooded and it has caused all sorts of damage.

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Leaking pipes are something else to look out for if you want to prevent flooding in your home. The network of pipes that run all around our homes can occasionally spring a leak so if you notice that there is water in a place where it shouldn’t be it could well be caused by a leaking pipe. It is important to get this sorted as soon as you notice it by contacting a plumber, as if the leak gets worse or the pipe bursts this could be a lot more messy and expensive to sort out!