How to Get Rid of Rats in House Fast? Effective Tips

How to Get Rid of Rats in House Fast? Effective Tips

Both rats and mice are annoying animals that, when reproduced at high speed, can become a real health and hygiene problem. Although it is true that it is less common to find these animals in urban areas, it is still common to have problems with them in rural areas or in urban areas that do not meet the necessary hygiene standards. To avoid the plagues of rats and mice, there are many synthetic rodenticides that act as venom, but it is precisely due to this very dangerous effect that it is recommended to opt for less drastic solutions. If you want to know how to get rid of rats in house fast with home remedies and naturally.

How to get rid of rats in house fast?

One of the ways to scare away rats and mice with home remedies quickly and effectively is through the use of ammonia. Ammonia gives off a smell reminiscent of the urine of some animals, including that of cats. This makes both rats and mice flee from places that smell this way, since they identify it with the presence of cats, one of its main predators.

To scare away rats with ammonia, you must place small containers with this substance at strategic points where rodents can appear. In general, it is best to place them where rats have been seen or where rodent droppings have been found.

If you do not have a specific container on hand for this function, you can use the caps of the empty bottles. Keep in mind that the amount of ammonia you need to scare away rats and mice is very small since you only need to smell the liquid, not consume it. On the other hand, also keep in mind that ammonia in large quantities is toxic. Therefore, the use of bottle caps ensures that the quantity is small enough that it does not pose a risk to people’s health. However, if there are young children at home or pets, be sure to place the ammonia containers in a place where they do not jeopardize their well-being. If you wonder how to scare away rats without poison

How to scare away rats with baking soda

On the other hand, if you want to eliminate rats and mice with home remedies with a completely safe method for the health of people and pets, the best option you can choose is to kill them with a trap made from baking soda. However, you should keep in mind that in this case you will not scare them away, but you will attract them to a bait that will kill them.

If you want to bet on this option, you must mix sugar and baking soda in equal parts. Once you have the mixture done, place it in a container and put it in the place where you have seen the rodents so that the sugar attracts the rats and they eat the bait. The effect of baking soda on the rats’ bodies will cause gas to start being produced inside them, but since rats and rodents cannot expel the gases in the form of belching, the accumulation of gas in their bodies will kill them. This method should be repeated until you see that there are no rats or mice in sight.

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