How to Do Housework Efficiently? 10 Tips to Simplify Work at Home

how to do housework efficiently

How to Do Housework Efficiently? 10 Tips to Simplify Work at Home

Between work, family, friends, meetings, and gym many times, we do not have time to pay attention to cleaning the house as we should. However, this does not mean that we should stop this. But we must look for the best way to make these household chores easier. Everything will depend on how we organize and use not only time but also how to do housework efficiently.

How to do housework efficiently?

We have told you what are these tips we follow so that household chores are easier to perform and that you have time for the rest of your tasks.

Before we start with the advice we have prepared for you this time; There are certain things you should know before proceeding; when we talk about cleanliness and the best way to keep our house free of any impurity; You must take the time to do it.

While we want to save as much time, but it is necessary that when we do, we must do it well. Simple does not mean careless. So note these tips so you can have an impeccable home in record time.

Clean kitchen

Clean kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the places that get dirty most easily. But, it is also the space that we should have in better conditions since here we make the food that we serve to our family.

This place is one of the most difficult to clean. It is not impossible since there are 3 ways to simplify and clean it in less than 30 minutes.

Before scrubbing, soak

Before you start scrubbing or cleaning, boil water and fill the sink with dishes, cutlery, and other dishes. Pour the hot water with a little soap so that all the fat, leftover foods that are difficult to remove the way more easily. After about 10 minutes of rest, drip the water and rinse everything.

Wash the sink after use

Many people make the mistake of not cleaning the sink after using it, but this is a problem since food debris can create microorganisms that can be harmful to people. The best way to wash the sink is with a little vinegar, lemon, and soap.

First wash it with soap, after taking out all the soap; pour some vinegar with lemon; let stand with about 5 minutes. Let the water run and dry the surface with a dry cloth.

The sponge in the microwave

The best way to eliminate bacteria and microbes from sponges is after using them, washing them, draining them and leaving them in the microwave for about 30 seconds at full power. In this way, you can eliminate all the bacteria that are deposited in it.

Tips for an impeccable bathroom

Clean the toilet

Restrooms are usually a headache for any housewife or a single person. It is one of the dirtiest places in the house. That is why it requires a lot of attention from us. However, the best advice is to clean it every weekend. With this in mind, let’s continue with the advice.

Clean the toilet every day

The toilet is the only element we clean daily. In this way, bacteria are not created that can be harmful to our health. The best way to do this is first with soap, scrubbing every part of the toilet well; lower the water and then add a few drops of chlorine, let stand for 10 minutes and lower the water again. In this way, it stays clean and free of bacteria. If you do this daily, it will remain hygienic for longer.

The tiles need care

When we don’t clean our bathroom tiles well, a yellow layer of soap and dirt usually forms that can be very difficult to remove. Many times it will be created even mold or fungus, especially in the shower or in the bathtub. Prevent this from happening weekly with a metal sponge and a mixture of vinegar and lemon or hydrogen peroxide with lemon scrub the surface. You can do it before or after washing it with soap.

If the layer is very difficult to remove, then the best thing you can do is use a degreaser and let it rest and then remove.

Keeping the taps spotless

For the constant use of faucets and passaging water. Many times we see how they lost the shine they had when we bought them; That is why it is necessary to keep them in good condition. The best way to do it is with baking soda and lemon. Create a cream and with an old toothbrush rub this mixture on the taps and let stand for 10 minutes and then remove with water.

Ordering and maintaining the house

Keep floors flawless

The rest of the house needs the same attention. They may not need the same effort in the kitchen or bathroom.

Keep floors flawless

Perhaps it will seem like a marathon session of household chores. Sweep floors daily can make a difference. Take your broom and sweep the floors to prevent dust from accumulating.

This activity will only take about 10 to 20 minutes of your time; and even if you don’t clean them with disinfectants, they will look clean until you have time to pay more attention.

Boot what is not necessary

One thing that accumulates most in the house are the papers; unless they are important documents or unpaid invoices, then discard them. Remember that the only invoices you need to save. In this way, you will avoid the accumulation of unnecessary garbage that you have to dispose of in a much larger cleaning.

The more bins much better

One of the reasons why many houses are usually dirty is due to the lack of wastebaskets or bins. So, both you and your family are educated on how and where to dispose of trash. Place several dumps in different places in the house; either in the rooms, in the room, in the office. The more you have, the better the control of cleanliness.

Clean floors with the 3-step rule

The floors should be cleaned in depth once a week with either a mop or a mop. The best way to do this is with the three-step rule: hot, warm, and cold.

First pass the mop with hot water and chlorine, clean the entire surface well, then let it dry. When it is already dry, use the hot water and add a few drops of vinegar. Pass the mop with this warm water on the floor to remove any impurity and traces of chlorine. Remember that the mop must always be clean.

Finally, with cold water, add the disinfectant to the surface and go through each corner again and let it dry. This form may seem long, but we keep the floors clean for much longer, and you won’t have to clean them every day.

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