Three Ways to Improve your Homes Energy Efficiency

Energy prices are going up along with many other things and this means that it is an incredibly stressful time financially for a lot of people. Making your home more energy efficient is a good thing to do at the moment to help reduce the costs of heating and electricity before we head into the winter months.

If you are looking for some ways to make improvements, here are some of the best things that you can do to make your home more energy efficient…

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Insulation in Walls – Around a third of heat from a home that is not insulated is lost through the walls. To get an idea about the type of insulation that you may or may not have, you need to check the age and type of your walls. You can get a good idea of the age of the house from the type of walls, for example, homes that are over a century old will have walls that are built from a solid material like stone or brick. After the 1920s, homes were then being built which have cavity walls (this is where there are two walls with a gap in between). If your home was built after 1990, it is likely that it will have already been built with insulation in the wall cavity, so will not likely need to make any changes to it here.

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Windows and Doors – One of the big things that you can do to make your home warmer is to improve your windows. If you have windows that are single glazed, or are double glazed but old and leaky, then now is a great time to get them replaced. Find a reputable company that specialises in this, such as this Tewkesbury double glazing company and you will soon notice the benefit. To make the home even more energy efficient, triple glazing is an option that many people are going for now.

Roof Insulation – Because heat rises, you could be losing a lot of your heat through the roof of your home. There are many different methods of loft insulation, and this will also depend on the type of roof that you have and your budget. However, there are Government schemes that you may be able to benefit from to get your loft insulated, so it is worth looking into this first.