Keys to decorate my first home

At last the time has come that we were waiting for: our first house. Do you feel that sense of independence, that excitement of starting a new stage of your life? We want to go with you right now and that is why we have selected some ideas that can help you when decorating your first home.

It is an interesting project, but also quite stressful. We want to make things simple and that is why we have set ourselves the following question: what should I consider when decorating my first house? Here are the answers.

Renovate the house with wallpaper

With the help of wallpaper, in a few steps we managed to give new life to the decor of any corner of the house. Brand new look, to delimit environments, to enhance the decoration or to add a trendy touch to the room. Plenty of reasons to decorate with wallpaper.

A classic decor that is back in fashion and want to recover have compiled the latest tendentious in wallpaper. With the tips, you’ll find in this article, you can easily brand decoration. You sign up?

Decorating ideas with plaids

There are decorating trends that never go out of style or reinvent themselves year after year. It is the case of plaids, present perhaps especially in the purely Christmas decorations but we can also incorporate all year in furniture, textiles and accessories.

Also known as tartan, looks great in environments with rustic or country but the vast palette of colors available makes it possible to feel great in any decor. Today we know some ideas, to help you bring them into your home. You want to know how?

8 Essential rules of Feng Shui for harmony in your home

The Feng Shui is that eastern philosophy, through decoration, helps you design a harmonious home where the energies flow through the different rooms and where the very distribution of furniture and the use of colors and accessories influences positively in people who live in this place. Today we reviewed 8 essential rules of this discipline you have to apply in decorating your home if you want to achieve those feelings in your home.

1. Entry

To welcome your visits harmoniously put one in your entry natural plant or photographs, avoiding those people who no longer live. To the extent that you can, allows the entry of natural light.

7 proposals to give life to your basement

If you have a basement at home, know that does not have to be a dark and forgotten space. Quite the opposite! With ideas, we will see today will get give much life to this place that usually found in single – family homes or townhouses, a private, intimate and distant space noise that we can get much game to make it a cozy, bright and comfortable stay. You want to know how?

1. Movie theater

Would you like to have a home theater? Maybe it’s easier than you think … And if your basement as a screening room this space become a place to enjoy your favorite movies. You just have to put some comfortable sofas with lots of cushions and a large TV. To decorate the room, you can include very cool retro popcorn and a movie poster or film theme.

Greeters vintage style

Although the style of the moment is the Nordic, there are some types of decoration are also having success this year. Among them, we highlight the vintage that, to be fair, has spent many years on the crest of the wave. Yes, it is important to note that what most takes are not fully built in 2016 retro, but those that combine the old with more modern pieces. They are also gaining prominence decorations combining vintage with other styles: industrial, natural, Scandinavian…

The style vintage in all its forms is ideal for decorating any room in the home, but if any area is it is in the hall, which should be warm, cozy and stylish as well as practical if the meters in the home are conspicuous by their absence. To convince yourself that this style is perfect for foyers, today we will show you a lot of greeters vintage. In addition, we will take this opportunity to offer some interesting ideas and tips. Would you like to join us?

Ideas for decorating in greige

The greige is trend in the fashion world and also in the decoration. It is a color halfway between gray and beige oil, which gives a touch of warmth and naturalness characteristic of both tones. It is ideal for creating sophisticated and serene environments, being able to play with several shades for both furniture to walls or decorative items.

Goes well with other colors and all this, and more, we will talk in today’s article. They are ideas to introduce the greige in decorating your home, are you game?