Four Ways to Keep yourself Cooler at Night over the Summer Months

Over the summer, most of us look forward to the hot sunny days – they allow us to enjoy spending time outdoors, barbequing, getting the paddling pool out and generally having fun. However, when it comes to sleeping, this is something that many people can struggle with in the hotter weather. Of course, the gold standard of keeping a bedroom cool is to contact a company like this air con Gloucester based company to have air conditioning installed. However, this is not something for everyone and when you want to do something about the heat on a budget, there are still plenty of things that you can do to make sleeping a little easier for you in the summer months…

Keep the sun out – Making sure that the sun doesn’t get into your bedroom during the day will give you a much more comfortable night. Rooms that are south or west facing can be particularly heated by the sun, so by keeping the curtains closed in your bedroom you will certainly reduce a lot of the heat.

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Use an Awning – If you get most of the sun on one side of your house, consider using an awning that will help to reduce the amount of heat that builds up on your house throughout the day.  Awnings are useful and not just for the sun – if you are in need of a roof over your garden on damp days, this will also be useful to have.

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Use a fan – A fan is a must when the weather is warm, and there are loads of different types to choose from on the market, so it is worth doing your research, and seeing which type suits you best. You can also make a bigger breeze with your fan by placing the fan opposite an open window, to make the breeze that is being created stronger.

Use your Freezer – You can make compresses to help instantly cool you down when needed by putting fabric that has been soaked in cold water into the freezer. You can then take these out and apply to your wrists and neck to help you to cool down quickly.