Best practices for using CCTV in a store

CCTV that you can get from a CCTV Installation Gloucester company such as is a great option when looking to add an additional level of security to a store. There are many reasons that store owners may look at using CCTV, such as deterring thieves and also helping to provide evidence if theft occurs. In some cases, CCTV can be installed to help employees feel safer in their place of work. This is particularly true if you have lone workers or you are working in high-risk environments.

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It is important to think about the best location for the cameras. This could be at the entrance and exit of your buildings as well as internally facing towards those exits. Placing cameras in these locations allows you to monitor anyone who may be walking out with goods they haven’t paid for.

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You can also use the cameras to monitor certain items in your store. These are usually high-value items or those that are classed as high-risk for theft. Examples of these include alcohol, electronics and medications. By placing cameras at these locations, you can monitor customers as they are looking at these items, and staff can intervene in suspicious circumstances if necessary.

It is vital that you have all appropriate signage in your store to alert people to the fact that you are using CCTV cameras. A company like the one mentioned above will be able to talk through the legal requirements with you.