Headboard colors with geometric pieces

If you want to add a touch of color and fun to the headboard of your bed the craft that we bring you today is more than appropriate. And it is that you can design a personalized and colorful geometric headboard with which to get him a new air to the room. You’ll see just how easily you’ll be able to achieve. Do you dare to try? In today’s post we tell you all the steps you need to follow to decorate your bedroom in a very special way.

Geometric forms

In this DIY geometric shapes are the protagonists. And you’ll be able to design as you like best, since you have complete freedom to choose their size, design and color with which you paint. But let’s go into detail to start preparing this cheerful and colorful headboard. Technically, it is not a headboard, but as it is on the bed we have named. If you fancy, you’ll be able to place in another location, but we loved this proposal we have seen in the blog A Kailo Chic Life.

How to decorate leaving wires in sight

Normally we seek camouflage but what happens if we do the opposite? Leave cables in sight does not seem a very decorative solution, but when you see the thoughts that I teach you today I think you’ll change your mind. This is to make the most of an element that we neglect completely or try to cover so that it is not seen. But today I invite you all to become protagonists with these original decorative proposals.

Hanging bulbs

One way to take full advantage of your cables is placing hanging bulbs. You can play with the colors to customize this lamp with a certain industrial air but fits perfectly in a Nordic style. Only you need cable, a lamp holder and bulb. Remain very cool!

Vases of colored sand

The manual I teach you today reminded me of those jobs we did at school when we were little glass jars filled with colored chalk. Today I want to show you a DIY very colorful and fun so you can place your plants and flowers in a special way. Let’s look at two ways to do it, so you can choose the one you like.

Vases Sand

The first DIY I teach you’ve seen on the blog Ruffled. It is to customize some vases with colored sand to decorate a special place in a very fun way. To make this craft you will need:

  • A knife.
  • Sand colors.
  • The vases, glasses or glass jars.
  • Flowers.

7 effective tricks to clean silver at home

For silver objects from being too opaque and cost less to restore its original luster is convenient cleaning at least once a month. Currently there silver decorative elements hardly black because they are processed through an electroplating process with rhodium.

However, many have different antique silver objects, which darken over time because of the constant dust and other environmental agent’s exposure. Unlike what many believe, this material does not rust, but has a reaction with hydrogen sulfide, which causes it to become more opaque.

Luckily, no longer you need to purchase expensive metal polishes to leave with a shiny and renewed tone. Given some home tricks can polish all the elements to regain their natural shine.

How to make a door to the peephole

The manual I teach you today is very simple to make and very decorative. I thought it was something original, I had never seen and also adds extra security to your home. And if you want to avoid that, somehow, someone can see from outside what happens inside your house, the door to the sight will be very useful. Although this is not usually much less than usual, so the decorative function that will be more than enough. How do you manufacture it? Here’s what I tell all. 

10 tips to save time in cleaning

To optimize the cleaning time is desirable not overdo it with accessories and home decorations, as these tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt.

Reconcile work and domestic responsibilities with a social activity healthy are very complicated today. The pace of life is too fast, too demanding with us.

Therefore, we have decided to give you some tips on which you’ll support you to better manage your time at home and enjoy your hobbies.

DIY: Wooden shelf and ropes

Today I intend to put to work to create your own shelf fully customized. A structure with several shelves, as you want and the size you prefer, for which only need a rope and wood. It is perfect to decorate Nordic environments and vintage, giving a touch very cool to stay thanks to the use of wood and texture of the rope. I bring several proposals to take inspiration, but first let the creative process…

The best decoration for a birthday party

Do you plan to organize the best birthday party that person you love so much? Well then everything we tell you today you can be very useful, as we will see different ideas for decorating a birthday party, whether a child or adult honoree … Because a birthday is always a great occasion to make a celebration in style! And if you decorate as you get surely deserves this special day so much more.

A simple trick to remove the odor of pipes naturally

In addition to avoid pulling the drain food that can degrade inside and cause bad smell, we must watch that the sealed pipes are maintained in good condition.

One of the most common problems at home is that nasty smell coming from the pipes in the bathroom or kitchen. No matter how much toilet are made daily, the smell of mold and pipe begins to feel at different times of day, especially when the weather is too hot or rainy.

The use of air fresheners or sprays is often the fastest way to hide it; however, its effect is not sufficiently durable and odor back soon. Currently there are several types of chemicals that are dumped on the pipes to be unclogged and stop stink. The problem is that it is proven that these are very aggressive with the environment and, in fact, sometimes they are harmful to health.