Tips For Decorating Your Period Property With Timber

When you are considering the possibilities of decorating with timber, you will be surprised at the number of designs available. However, the finished project will have to blend seamlessly with the rest of the property and complement its original features. Alternatively, you can choose hand-carved details that will give the panelling a statement look. When looking for timber for your next project, consider Salisbury Timber Merchants like

Victorian homes have large windows and lofty spaces that can easily accommodate darker colours and wallpaper. Although Victorian homes are known for their dark and gloomy colours, you can still pull off a contemporary look by using light, layered whites. Moreover, neutral tones will bring a fresh, airy feel to the interior. Light-coloured furniture also makes the room look airy and relaxing, and you can dress it up depending on the season.

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If you have a period property, you may be wondering how to use timber. There are several different ways to use timber, and each one is beneficial in its own way. Before deciding how to use timber on your property, it is important to assess the value of your property and the potential return on your investment. You should be aware that timber can have high prices but offers incredible value for money in beauty and longevity.

There are many ways to incorporate timber into your decor. Not only is timber durable and renewable, it also provides texture and warmth to a room. Incorporating timber into your decor is an excellent way to make a budget-friendly change without compromising your style. You can use timber in a variety of ways, from furniture to shutters and doors. Even lighting can benefit from a timber touch.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate timber into your decor is to incorporate it into the architecture of your home. You can add timber to visible architectural elements, like the floors and windows, to create a visually unified space. By adding timber to partitions, you can create a warm, inviting atmosphere in small rooms and open spaces alike. You can even incorporate timber partitions to add texture, colour and feel to your decor.

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Timber walls are another great way to incorporate timber into your home decor. These accent walls give your home a unique look, and are an elegant alternative to painted feature walls. Moreover, timber wall panelling can create the illusion of height in a small room. If you’re working with a tight budget, you can lay out a herringbone pattern of timber on the wall. For a more rustic look, lay timber in a herringbone pattern on the walls of your bedroom or living room.